The importance of the Hebrew language in the history of the Jewish people, and actually, the history of the entire western civilization, is enormous and undeniable.  It is most commonly known as the Holy language in which the Bible was written.  As the Bible is acknowledged for being one of the foundations of Western culture, so is the importance of its originally written language.  The Hebrew language had ceased to function as a spoken language before the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem by the Roman Empire.  By that we mean more than 2000 years ago!  Since then, it has been kept alive merely as a written language and mainly for religious purposes.  The revival of Hebrew as a spoken language is credited to the pioneering and diligent activity of its initiator Eliezer Ben-Yehuda.  He is mostly known for composing and compiling a new and Modern Hebrew Dictionary at the beginning of the 20th century.  Through its innovation and novelty, this dictionary has set the path for the language to fully function as a spoken conversational language.  This is the language we are familiar with today, mostly in the State of Israel.
By all that we just mentioned, we realize that the revival of Hebrew is a unique cultural and sociological phenomenon in the history of human culture.   This makes us - as Israelis - thrilled, excited and honored to introduce this unique, innovative, interactive and so very useful way of learning conversational Hebrew - LearnHebrewPod.
We welcome you to join us on the journey of acquiring this amazing and special language!