Honored with the privilege of being the instructor of this first Conversational Hebrew Course by Podcasts, I would love to share some of my personal thoughts and recent history with you.

For the past three years, I have been teaching Biblical and Conversational Hebrew in New York and New Jersey.  English is almost considered a second language in Israel, so communicating with Americans in their own language has been a wonderful and enjoyable opportunity for me.  Nevertheless, being far from home for a long period of time can create a longing for one's mother tongue.   During these years, I came to realize how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to use and practice my Hebrew.  Holding a teaching diploma from the University of Tel Aviv, I have been offered teaching positions in many different Jewish congregations, Christian institutes, as well as teaching various private students.
Many of these opportunities have revealed to me the fact that a lot of my students are very interested in studying and understanding Biblical Hebrew and are equally interested in Modern Conversational Hebrew, the language that had ceased to function as a living language more than 2000 years ago, and has made such an incredible "come back" during the 20th century!
As I conduct my life these days, "on the line" between Israel and the US, this "developed need" in me, to share my knowledge and technique of teaching Biblical and Conversational Hebrew, has definitely not faded.  I find the opportunity of doing this on the Learn Hebrew Pod web site, especially as the State of Israel enters its 60th anniversary year, unique, satisfying and most pleasurable!
Teaching and studying a language are both acts of communication.  Knowing others, understanding others, opening our selves up to another culture, approaching, reaching - acts of peace.  Using podcasts and the Internet reinforce that fact, due to the amazing accessibility and democratic nature of these media.  All in all, this is a web site that was created out of love, created for each and every one of you personally, while, at the same time, "at its root", it holds a global vision of peace and understanding. 

Jonathan Sternberg
March 2008