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Meet the Hebrew Teachers Starring in LearnHebrewPod's Hebrew Courses

  • Jonathan Sternberg

    Jonathan Sternberg Founder & Lead Hebrew Teacher

    Before launching LearnHebrewPod, Jonathan has spent three years in New York & New Jersey, teaching and developing unique techniques for acquiring Biblical and Conversational Hebrew proficiency. Jonathan holds a Teaching Certificate from the Department of Curriculum Planning and Instruction of Tel Aviv University as well as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Magna Cum Laude, in Musicology and Composition, Tel Aviv University. icon

  • Liat Azar

    Liat Azar Actress & Hebrew Teacher

    Liat majored in acting at Nissan Nativ Drama and Acting Studio - Tel Aviv.
    Liat is an actress who actively performs in many Israeli Theater perfomances and TV productions (such as 'Hamakom' - 'The Venue' on Israel national Channel 10). Liat has just recently returned from touring in Europe and America with the play 'Somewhere In Between'.

  • Eran Ben-Zvi

    Eran Ben-Zvi Actor & Hebrew Teacher

    Eran majored in acting at Nissan Nativ Drama and Acting Studio - Tel Aviv. He holds a Teaching Certificate from 'Seminar Ha-Kibuzim' Ramat Aviv. He combines his work as a theater instructor, in Israeli schools of arts, with acting in various performances. He is also a puppeteer in original productions on Israeli TV, such as 'Sesame Street' (or in Hebrew: 'Rechov Sumsum').

  • Dan Inbar

    Dan Inbar Actor & Hebrew Teacher

    Dan trained as an actor at Beit Zvi, Ramat Gan, and later went on to study Theater Directing and Education at Seminar Ha'Kibutzim. He has been working in various drama schools around Israel as voice and speech teacher and as stage director. His credits include Speech Training for several theaters, including Gesher, Habima, and Beer Sheva Theater. Dan has also been narrating books at the Central Library for the Blind for the past decade.

Guest Stars

  • Michal Shtamler

    Michal Shtamler Actress

    Michal majored in acting at the Tel Aviv University Theater Department. Very soon after graduating, she became a member of the Khan Theatre ensemble in Jerusalem. Michal played a leading role in the movie “The secrets”, alongside the renowned French actress Fanny Arden. She also played a leading role in the successful Israeli TV series “Danny Hollywood”. Michal is now one of the most appreciated actresses in Israel and a member of the Beit-Lessin Theatre ensemble.

  • Liat Har-Lev

    Liat Har-Lev Actress

    Liat majored in acting at Nissan Nativ Drama and Acting Studio - Tel Aviv. She won the very prestigious America-Israel cultural foundation scholarship for her outstanding achievements in the theatre 2002- 2003. Since then, Liat is conducting/managing an impressive and diverse acting career, with many performances in leading Israeli TV series, theatre and the Israeli cinema.

  • Elad Sharabi

    Elad Sharabi Actor

    Elad majored in acting at Nissan Nativ Drama and Acting Studio - Tel Aviv. He started his acting career in his teens, performing with youth theatres and was encouraged to pursue this passion even throughout his army service, where he was a member of IDF theatre. Nowadays, Elad combines busy and diverse acting activities with his other talent as a director and a play writer.

  • Michael Marks

    Michael Marks Actor

    Michael majored in acting at Nissan Nativ drama and acting studio - Jerusalem. He is also a graduate of the Idit Schori School of screenwriting in Tel aviv. Elad is a very sought-after actor and recently performed in the "Henry Vth" production of the "Maabada theater" in Jerusalem. He is also a member of the "kartoshkes improvisation ensamble" who perform regularly at the Cameri Caf'e theater in Tel aviv.

Website Staff

  • Amir Ozer

    Jana Ben-Moshe Content Development

    An eclectic product of Philadelphia, Habonim-Dror, Temple Univ. and a varied arts background, Jana has two decades of experience in teaching, consulting and curriculum development. She has specialized in alternative tailored methodologies, using arts in education, and working with learning disabilities and broader special needs.
    Her illustration work has appeared in publications by Behrman House, the RRC, UAHC and more.

  • Amir Ozer

    Amir Ozer Web Developer and UI Designer

    Ex-computer nerd and longtime Hebrew fanatic, Amir has been developing LearnHebrewPod since its launch (originally under MeZoo Multimedia).
    He learned to build websites at the age of 13, back in the days when "cyberspace" was still a buzz word. More recently, he majored in political science and media studies at Tel Aviv University.
    If you see something broken around the site, you can blame him! :-) (but please also write us)

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