• Why this is no ordinary Hebrew course

  • Hebrew that's music to your ears

    Meet your instructor, Jonathan Sternberg, one of the most sought-after Hebrew teachers in Israel. Also a musician, Jonathan constantly seeks ways of capturing the sounds and colors of Hebrew, and translating them into his unique, contemporary and fun teaching method. Get ready for a different Hebrew experience!!!

  • Over 150 hours of Hebrew audio lessons

    Listening and speaking... there's no better way to absorb a new language. That's why our audio lessons are our heart and soul! Our unique 3-part audio lesson technique takes you step-by-step, lesson-by-lesson on a structured, comprehensive, and enjoyable journey towards perfect Hebrew... truly the best Hebrew course available online!!! Start by watching or listening to Lesson 1

  • Learn at home or take it on the road

    You can study Hebrew wherever you are. Learn at your desk, download and listen on your MP3 player, or stream directly from our mobile site. Whether at home, on your way to work, at the gym or even on your next flight to Israel :), your Hebrew is always within reach! Sign up

  • Hebrew the way it was meant to sound

    The voices of some of Israel's leading actors turn every audio lesson into a contemporary, fun Hebrew experience. Each word is clear, each pronunciation is correct. And our teachers' personalities are so engaging that before long you'll feel as if they've become your friends. Meet your Hebrew teachers

  • Best audio content. Best audio quality.

    Our lessons are recorded, edited, and mixed in the best studios using high-end technology and equipment. An extraordinary listening experience is guaranteed... our listeners and our content deserve nothing less! Start by watching or listening to Lesson 1

  • A classroom with perfect interior design

    Our website was designed by top graphic artists and web designers to enhance your learning experience. It is your classroom, after all... and we want you to enjoy every minute you're there. And, hey... it's fun to be beautiful! Try this vocabulary practice - Animal Names in Hebrew

  • A full transcript of each lesson to support your learning

    Reinforce what you're hearing using the full, printable PDF transcript that accompanies each lesson.
    But don't worry... Hebrew reading ability is NOT required. (If you do wish to learn to read Hebrew,
    we can help you with that too!) Listen and read the transcript for Lesson 1

  • Vocabulary games that make learning fun

    At Learn Hebrew Pod, our audio lessons are only the beginning. Choose from over 100 colorful, entertaining games to expand your vocabulary with thousands of words you'll actually use! Try our Words Matching Game

  • Learning grammar can be breeze

    It's true that learning grammar can be a challenge...
    but it doesn't have to be a chore. Our innovative and fun audio-visual tools keep you smiling while you're practicing all those conjugations, so you'll master Hebrew grammar in no time! Here, learn how to say... 'learn'!

  • Test your knowledge at the end of each lesson

    We want to make sure you got it all... don't you? Try our free lessons

  • And if you've always wanted to learn to read Hebrew...

    Learn Hebrew Pod is your place for that too. While you don't have to read Hebrew to benefit from our main course, our unique and user-friendly supplemental reading course is perfect if you want to learn to read the Torah in its original language... or if you have Facebook friends in Israel! :) Have a look at our Reading Course

  • Learn Hebrew as if you were in Israel

    In each of our lessons, you'll experience the sounds, tastes and smells of modern Israel. Because for us, Hebrew is much more than just nouns, verbs, and prepositions... It's the language we live and breathe every day. We love it, and we can't wait to share it with you!
    Meet your Hebrew teachers