• Peach

  • Coca-Cola
    קוקה קולה
    koka kola

  • Olympics

  • Gone with the Wind
    חָלַף עִם הָרוּחַ
    chalaf im ha-ruach

If you are interested in learning Hebrew in Atlanta, rest assured, you are not alone. Though the vast majority of the world’s almost six million Hebrew speakers live in Israel, there are many reasons that people are looking for Hebrew lessons in Atlanta. Perhaps you are preparing for a trip to Israel, or perhaps you want to participate more fully in Shabbat services.

Atlanta’s thriving Jewish community provides several options for Atlanta Hebrew courses. Contact the Marcus Jewish Community Center or the Atlanta Jewish Federation to find out about their current offerings. Additionally, many of Atlanta’s Jewish congregations offer Atlanta Hebrew courses to congregants and non-congregants alike. Even if there is not a Hebrew course in Atlanta beginning right now, one of these sources can probably lead you in the direction of a Hebrew speaker who teaches Hebrew lessons in Atlanta.

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