• Boston is famous for its Baked Beans, or in Hebrew:  Sheuit Afuya  שעועית אפויה


  • The Hub, Boston's nickname, might be translated as
    Ha-Tabur  הטבור

  • The Tea Party
    Mesibat ha-te מסיבת התה

  • The American Revolution
    המהפכה האמריקנית
    ha-mahapecha ha-americanit 

Although Boston has around 25,000 Jews living in it – and a total of 227,000 Jews live in Boston metro area – not many of them know how to speak Hebrew. That's why people might look for Hebrew lessons in Boston. Learning Hebrew in Boston can prepare you for a trip to your relatives in Israel, or help better understand the religious Hebrew texts heard on your Jewish community gatherings.

Some Boston Hebrew lessons take place in Jewish community centers. The JCC (Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston) organization might be a good source for information about Hebrew courses in Boston. You can also look for a Hebrew speaking teacher to learn Hebrew in Boston.

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Did you know?

  • Haifa, the third-largest city in Israel, is a sister city to Boston.