The greater Cleveland area is ranked as seventh among the Daily Beast's top "Jewish Cities". That's positive news in terms of cultural, social and religious options. We're also pleased to see that the Cleveland Jewish Federation has a series of programs for building "living bridges" between local Jews and those around the world, particularly with Israel. By the way, Cleveland is sister cities with Beit She'an (meaning "House of Tranquility"), located between the Jordan Valley and Jezreel Valley- definitely worth a visit when you come to Israel- both for the lovely area and the impressive archeological sites.

Well, if you are thinking of visiting Israel to tour or see relatives, you may find the experience even more fulfilling and enjoyable if you start to learn to speak Hebrew beforehand – even some basic phrases. Or perhaps your first goal is to learn to read Hebrew, to make Jewish prayers easier or to help with your children as they study Hebrew in school.

The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland offers a 6-hour crash course three times a year to decode and read Hebrew through its Moreshet Literacy Project. The Siegal Lifelong Learning Program of Case Western University teaches non-credit Hebrew courses at its Beachwood Facility, specifically- Biblical Hebrew, Conversational Hebrew and Hebrew Literature. They also have a one-day crash course for beginners called "Hebrew on One Foot". You can ask for recommendations for Hebrew classes or tutors also through the area Jewish day schools. Check out your congregational possibilities too. For example, Beth Israel/The West Temple is offering Hebrew lessons for adults while the children attend Sunday Hebrew school. Cleveland is blessed with a handy listings site for synagogues and much more, so that's another way to find current options for learning Hebrew near you. Perhaps also try searching on the site of the Cleveland Jewish News.

Learn Hebrew Pod is yet another quality alternative for your new goals, plus one with affordability, flexibility and portability. "Made in Israel", we offer comprehensive, enjoyable online programs in spoken Modern Hebrew, Hebrew prayers and reading skills. Optional private tutoring can also be provided. With our Hebrew courses, you study at your own pace and schedule - take us along on your mobile. Our audio lessons (plus transcripts) and multimedia games also dovetail well with local studies- e.g. for better immersion and reinforcement. We have package rates for organizations, congregations and even small groups- learn Hebrew together with a few friends, family or small class. We invite you to "try on" some of our free sample Hebrew lessons and multimedia games from our Free Collection.