When you learn Hebrew, this opens a wonderful new door to a deeper and more personal connection to Bible, prayer and so much more. And if you also desire to learn to speak Hebrew- even some basic phrases to start- before coming to visit Israel- this will enrich any trip and certainly win approving smiles from us locals. We confess to true love and pride in our multifaceted language- so ancient and yet so dynamically alive again in its modern form. So we hope that you find learning Hebrew to be the rewarding and enjoyable pursuit we know it can be. As for Greater Dallas, it includes the largest Jewish community in Texas. So where might you look for local possibilities to study Hebrew?

If you are starting from scratch, Chabad of Dallas occasionally offers a 5-session crash course to learn to read Hebrew, as well as a follow-up course. Also enquire as to what Hebrew lessons may be currently offered by the growing Dallas Area Torah Association (DATA). (They also provide other Judaic study opportunities). Meanwhile, over at the Jewish Community Center of Dallas, they're 'serving up' a short, intensive Hebrew course to kick-start reading (13 hours total) called "Chocolate Hebrew"- sweet!

It's worth checking nearby synagogues for Hebrew classes too. For but two examples: Temple Emanu-El has "Adult Jewish Learning" offerings, including Hebrew reading at various levels, prayer book reading and Biblical Hebrew. In the area of Richardson/Plano/North Dallas, Congregation Beth Torah Israel's adult educational programming http://www.congregationbethtorah.org/education/adult_education.html has an ongoing goal of improving "service Hebrew literacy". Thanks to the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, a handy list of area congregations can be found here. One might also ask for suggestions from the federation's "Center for Jewish Education" [CJE].

While as best we understand, Hebrew courses are no longer offered at University of North Texas, it's still likely useful to contact their Jewish and Israel Studies Program for possible recommendations both regarding Hebrew lessons and/or private Hebrew tutors in the area. Also enquire at the Hillel of Dallas which serves Southern Methodist University and other local campuses.

If your study objectives are from a more Christian perspective, SMU offers some Biblical Hebrew courses. Dallas Theological Seminary does too (ask them about feasibility for auditing).

For another alternative, Learn Hebrew Pod provides thorough and enjoyable online programs in Conversational Hebrew, Jewish Prayers and Hebrew reading skills. We also have optional private tutoring available. Our courses are designed to tailor well to one's individual learning style, plus they're an especially good option for those with schedule and budget concerns. Portability adds even more flexibility- take us along on your mobile wherever you go. As more schools are adding online Hebrew programs to their curricular toolbox- increasing immersion and reinforcement- you will find that we also dovetail well with many local prayer and Hebrew classes. We offer package rates for even small study groups. You are welcome to try out some sample Hebrew audio tapes, lessons and fun Hebrew multimedia games in our Free Collection.