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Denver, Colorado

Perhaps you'd like to have an easier time with Hebrew prayers in services or wish to help out your children when they're learning Hebrew in a congregational or Jewish Day school. Maybe (we hope) they are even coming back from a Jewish summer camp with some new Hebrew phrases to show off, or are expressing interest in an Israel program. Or maybe you are thinking of making a trip to Israel to visit family or tour around. Why not start to learn to speak Hebrew beforehand to make your visit an even fuller and more rewarding experience?

So what options exist around "The Mile-High City" to learn Hebrew? "The Jewish Experience" and Chabad in South Metro Denver each run a crash-course (5-6 sessions) to learn to read Hebrew. Also check your local congregations. For just a few examples, Temple Sinai offers yearly "Adult Hebrew & B'nei Mitzvah" lessons in reading skills. Congregation HEA (Hebrew Educational Alliance) also provides a beginner's class in how to read Hebrew, B'nai Chaim offers a few adult Hebrew courses . You could also enquire about recommendations regarding Hebrew classes or private teachers via the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education and JEWISHColorado, the local federation.

In the more formal arena, you could turn to the University of Denver, which offers various levels of Hebrew classes in its Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Division . Over in Boulder, University of Colorado also offers Hebrew courses. If your interest is more from a Christian perspective, we noticed that the evangelical Denver Seminary has its students study Hebrew as part of its M.A. program in Biblical Studies (you may be able to apply for no-credit auditing).

If you are looking for quality with more flexibility, especially on a tighter schedule or budget, Learn Hebrew Pod offers another Hebrew study alternative: thorough, enjoyable online courses in conversational Hebrew - the way we speak Hebrew here in Israel, Jewish prayers and reading skills. You can tailor how, where and when you study- we're "portable", so take us along on your mobile. Optional private Hebrew tutoring is available too. Our Hebrew programs work well independently or can be used to augment local instruction, providing fuller immersion and reinforcement. By the way, we offer package rates for groups (even small ones). You're welcome to check out some samples in Hebrew lessons, multimedia games and Hebrew prayer instruction from our Free Collection while you're here.