Hebrew in Detroit, Michigan.


Welcome! We're so pleased that you wish to study Hebrew, the language we love. We're here to help in your aim, whether it be to make visiting Israel more fulfilling by being able to speak Hebrew phrases and understand more of what's around you, to read Hebrew prayers more easily, to help with your children's Hebrew lessons from school, or to dig further into Jewish roots or Biblical Hebrew pursuits…

Metro Detroit is listed as one of the Daily Beast's 30 "Most Jewish Cities" in America. And no wonder- a 2005 census found that 48% of area Jewish children were enrolled in Jewish day schools, plus 33% in synagogue schools. So what's available for learning Hebrew in the adult education sphere?

The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit has "Feded" and Melton programs which include Hebrew courses- you can find a overall description about Melton here . We've noticed that the Hillel of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor apparently holds a weekly "Shulchan Ivrit" (Hebrew table) at the Expresso Royale (South U, so that you can speak Hebrew with others for some ongoing practice. They also sometimes offer a 5-week crash course so as to learn to read Hebrew. You may find them to be a source for information on other Hebrew courses or private teacher recommendations as well.

Also ask nearby congregations what may be currently on tap. For just a few examples: Temple Emanu-El holds Hebrew classes over in Oak Park. Temple Israel in West Bloomfield offers a 10-session course in basic Hebrew reading, plus beginner and intermediate levels in liturgical and siddur Hebrew, as well as covering some Hebrew grammar. For those with somewhat more language capability already, Ahavas Israel in Grand Rapids has a study series in Biblical Hebrew utilizing readings in Genesis, as well as a dual-language survey course in Mishnah. The adult education program at Beth Israel & Temple Beth Emeth of Ann Arbor provides beginner's, Biblical and conversational Hebrew. In the Farmington Hills area, a good avenue for suggestions may be to ask staff at institutions like the Hillel Day School. Likewise, in Southfield you might try contacting the Akiva Hebrew Day School.

Learn Hebrew Pod gives you yet another alternative. We offer comprehensive, enjoyable courses in modern spoken Hebrew, Jewish Prayers and reading skills. Our online Hebrew programs are a good option in affordability, portability and flexibility too. You can tailor our prayer or Hebrew lessons to your learning style and pace, and even take us along on your mobile. Our programs also dovetail well with local Hebrew classes (providing further immersion and reinforcement) and we offer package rates for even small study groups. Optional private tutoring is also available. While you're here, why not test-drive some Hebrew audio tapes, lessons and fun multimedia games from our Free Collection? Nowadays, the techniques and options available to learn Hebrew have never been better. So whatever you choose, we encourage you to pursue some Hebrew roots and wish you all the best in your venture!