Want to pick up some Hebrew speaking or reading skills in Hartford, Connecticut? You are in luck as this is considered a good place to plug into your Jewish side. "The Daily Beast" site ranks Hartford sixth out of "America's 30 Most Jewish Cities", including twelve kosher eateries! Some Jewish presence in Hartford was even recorded in the 1660's, but it actually started to pick up steam in the mid-19th century.

Perhaps your children are studying Hebrew in one of the major Jewish day schools in the area like Solomon Schechter, or in a congregational Hebrew school. Maybe you'd like to learn Hebrew to help out with their Hebrew language or Jewish prayer studies. Or you might hope to brush up on useful Hebrew phrases in preparation to visit Israel - like on a Federation mission or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration trip. It's worth checking out what local Hebrew courses may be available through the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, or at University of Connecticut or Trinity College (check also with the Hillel organizations for leads), as well as in local synagogues.

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