Ever wonder about Jewish identity options in the "Entertainment Capital of the World"? Well here's an interesting fact: In 2010, the Daily Beast publication ranked Las Vegas as ninth in its list of top thirty American Jewish cities. For good reason- it has one of the fastest growing Jewish populations around. Las Vegas already boasts four Jewish day schools, some highly-rated kosher restaurants, a Jewish Film Festival, plus Hadassah, Jewish War Veterans and ORT chapters.

The desire to learn to read Hebrew - or with greater ease so as to be more comfortable with Jewish prayers or to help with your children's Hebrew studies - is a worthwhile aim all its own. If the goal is also to understand and speak Hebrew sufficiently to navigate somewhat better when visiting Israel, it will certainly add to your Israeli "experience" and win you approving responses from us locals as well. So where can one start if looking for a way to learn Hebrew?

For one thing, we suggest checking out what may be available among the twenty or so synagogues in the area. For example, Temple Sinai and Pnai Tikvah offer Hebrew courses through their Adult Education programs. It's also worth asking about Hebrew instruction possibilities and/or private Hebrew tutors via the local Jewish Federation, Chabad chapter or the Hillel at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. UNLV does have two elementary-level Hebrew classes listed in its academic catalog. If your interest is more from a Christian perspective on Hebrew roots, we note that a Biblical Hebrew course is offered at the Fuller Theological Seminary.

Our own courses provide a further option, especially for those with some scheduling, budgetary or accessibility concerns. We provide online Hebrew programs in reading skills, conversational Hebrew and Hebrew prayers, which you can tailor to your individual needs. Our Hebrew lessons are also mobile- you can practice speaking Hebrew with us, so-to-speak, even via your cellphone - while in transit, at the gym and the like. You are welcome to give us a test-drive with some sample lessons and Hebrew multimedia games from our Free Collection.