• The Entertainment Industry
    תעשיית הבידור
    ta-asiyat habidur

  • Film Studio
    אולפן סרטים
    ulpan sratim

  • Cinema House
    בית קולנוע
    beit kolno-a

The first Jewish person to arrive at Los Angeles is believed to be a German tailor named Jacob Frankfort. The year was 1841. Today, about half a million jews live in the LA metropolitan area – so if you are interested in learning Hebrew in Los Angeles, rest assured, you are not alone. Take Hebrew lesson in Los Angeles to prepare for your trip to Israel, or to get closer to Jewish culture and heritage.

Where can you learn Hebrew in Los Angeles? Many Jewish congregations offer Hebrew lessons for members and non-members. You can also ask for information about Hebrew classes in LA at The Jewish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.

Of course, if you are looking for the easiest way to learn Hebrew in LA whether you are at home or on the go, be sure to check out all the various possibilities at Learn Hebrew Pod. We offer a complete system for learning to speak and understand modern conversational Hebrew, with optional programs for learning to read Hebrew and for learning Hebrew prayers. Equally well-suited to older children, teenagers, and adults, our courses include comprehensive, thorough (and fun!) audio lessons and a website full of complementary multimedia learning tools. And you can take your Hebrew lessons with you throughout Los Angeles just by downloading our audio lessons to your MP3 player or other mobile device – perfect when you’re stuck in traffic at the US-101...

Did you know?

  • The israeli city of Kiray Malachi קרית מלאכי, literally “City of Angels”, was named to honor the Jewish Community of Los Angeles. 
  • Los Angeles is also a sister city to Eilat, Israel.