• Statue of Librety
    פסל החירות
    pesel ha-cherut

  • The Subway
    הרכבת התחתית
    ha-rakevet ha-tachtit

  • Stock Exchange

  • Bullets Over Broadway
    קליעים מעל ברודוויי
    kli'im me'al brodway

More than 1.7 million Jews are based in the New York City area – the largest Jewish population center in the US. It is actually the largest Jewish community outside Israel! Many famous Jewish people were born in NYC; Filmmaker Woody Allen and comedian Adam Sandler were born in the city and display the life of Jews in New York City in their films.

If you're Jewish, or even if you're just interested in Jewish culture, you might be interested in Hebrew lessons in New York City. Learning Hebrew in New York City can prepare you for a trip to Israel, or help you better understand the religious Hebrew texts heard on Jewish community gatherings. Where can you learn Hebrew in New York City? Many Jewish congregations offer Hebrew lessons for members and non-members. While many of New York City's Hebrew classes may be geared towards children and Bar Mitzvah-aged students, the FCC may be able to direct you towards New York City Hebrew classes designed for adults as well.

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