Hebrew in Portland, Oregon


Well who knew? A 2011 census conducted by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland  made a fascinating discovery- at 47,500, the Jewish population of Portland was close to double what had been previously estimated! And if you've come to this page, we can assure you that there are better possibilities out there nowadays for learning Hebrew than ever before. It's worth the pursuit- whether you're just starting out with simple first steps or returning to further your study, the Hebrew language can open a cultural and spiritual doorway to greater ease and depth for Bible, prayer and more, plus plugging into our vibrant expression in Israel today. So where can you turn to learn Hebrew in the Portland area? Here are a few suggestions:

Congregation Neve Shalom offers an array of courses and programs for adults in reading skills and Hebrew prayer, plus conversational Hebrew. You do not have to be Jewish or a member of the synagogue. Their "Machon Ivrit" is a joint project with other area organizations, including PSU's Judaic Studies, the Institute for Judaic Studies, Morasha, and the Portland Kollel

In the realm of higher education, Portland State University's growing Judaic Studies department works in concert with the Department of World Languages and Literatures regarding Hebrew courses  . Alternatively, if you are looking for programs with an in-depth Christian perspective, an extensive Biblical Hebrew program is offered, for example, at Multnomah University

Enquire at area synagogues (your federation has a handy list on its site) about possible Hebrew classes. Outreach efforts - including Hebrew literacy and prayer fluency for adults - is a welcome increasing trend. For but two examples: At Congregation Beth Israel  one can learn to read Hebrew and study Hebrew prayers, plus they run an adult B'nei Mitzvah program. A Sunday morning Hebrew class is offered for adults at Congregation Shir Tikvah.

More generally, it's also worth asking for referrals and recommendations regarding Hebrew lessons as well as private Hebrew tutors by tapping Chabad  , Moishe House Portland  , the Federation, Portland Melton, Birthright, the local Hillel  , staff at Jewish day schools, etc.

Learn Hebrew Pod offers yet another alternative. We provide comprehensive, enjoyable online programs in Hebrew reading skills, Jewish Prayers and Modern Hebrew- where you learn to speak Hebrew just like us Israelis. Optional private tutoring is available too. Our prayer and Hebrew courses are also a good choice for those with greater concerns about scheduling, affordability and flexibility. You can tailor how you study, as well as when and where – take us along on your mobile. You can even speak Hebrew "with us" on your daily commute that way. Increasingly, online Hebrew programs are being utilized as well in various school situations or as an augmentation tool (think added immersion and reinforcement). We offer package rates for even small study groups. You are welcome to try out sample Hebrew lessons and audio tapes, plus fun multimedia games from our Free Collection.

Whichever alternative you end up choosing, we wish you much success in your Hebrew study endeavors and hope you will be visiting Israel soon!