• The Golden Gate Bridge
    גשר שער הזהב
    gesher sha-ar hazahav

  • Silicon Valley
    עמק הסיליקון
    emek hasilikon
    - We hope to get there one day :)

  • The Pride Parade
    מצעד הגאווה
    mitz-ad haga-avah

San Francisco has a large Jewish –  more than 200,000 people. In the last 150 year, many Jews came to the city from around the world in hopes of a new beginning. Levi Strauss, whose workpants became one of the greatest fashion icons of modern history, is one of them.

Like many other Jews living abroad, not many people in San Francisco know how to speak Hebrew, so they might be interested in Hebrew lessons in San Francisco. Learning Hebrew in San Francisco can prepare them for a trip to relatives in Israel, or help better understand the religious Hebrew texts heard on their Jewish community gatherings.

Some San Francisco Hebrew lessons take place in Jewish community centers. Jewish schools in San Francisco may have Hebrew classes as well. You can also look for a Hebrew speaking teacher to learn Hebrew in San Francisco.

For those of you who prefer to study Hebrew on the go, using an MP3 player or a mobile phone – we invite you to join us on Learn Hebrew Pod. We're teaching modern, conversational Hebrew so you can speak Hebrew in San Francisco just as it is spoken on the streets and beaches of Tel Aviv, Israel. At home, you can use our website which is full of fun and helpful activities and presentations that'll help you study. Learning Hebrew in San Francisco, California can become a basis for friendship – study together with other members of your community or look for Hebrew speakers in San Francisco to improve your Hebrew conversation skills. Invite them to our website, as there's always more to learn! For those of you who're interested in becoming more familiar with the religious Jewish culture in San Francisco, we also offer a special Jewish Prayers course.