To people who aren't native Hebrew speakers, Hebrew grammar might seem a little puzzling at first. Indeed, if you're an English speaker wishing to study Hebrew, you will find Hebrew grammar to be  quite different from the English grammar you're familiar with. In English, the same word can be used in many different contexts: I went... You went... They went. In Hebrew however, different grammar rules shape and change the form of the basic word, so Ani - I - halachti... You halachta or halacht (depending on whether you're a male or a female) and... They halchu. The words in a Hebrew sentence also appear in a different order than what you're probably used to. This can be confusing as well...

Learn Hebrew Pod offers online Hebrew courses that will teach you how to speak conversational Hebrew, and also how to read Hebrew. More specifically, we're here to brighten up a little the gray grammar rules of Hebrew. How do we do that?

First, you’ll listen to an audio lesson, where your teacher Jonathan will demonstrate Hebrew dialogues with help from his friends, Eran, Liat and Dan. After you hear the conversation spoken fluently, we will go through it step-by-step, word-by-word, and explain the different nuances of Hebrew grammar that appear in it. Don't worry, each lesson introduces just one or two principles - but eventually, you'll find yourself mastering many different Hebrew grammar rules!

After listening to each audio lesson, you'll be able to practice what you've learned using our interactive, multimedia learning tools. You can review specific Hebrew grammar subjects that you want to practice, and of course you can always go back to the lesson and hear the explanations again.

We've taught thousands of students - some of them had tried learning Hebrew before and didn't believe they would ever be able to understand Hebrew grammar. But having utilized our unique teaching method, they can now speak Hebrew without even stopping to think of these "dull" formal rules. As our student Marina from California wrote to us, "This product decodes the mystery of Hebrew grammar in a fun and convenient way." Thanks Marina!

So if you want to join her and the rest of our community of Hebrew learners, sign up now for our Conversational Hebrew course. If you're already familiar with basic Hebrew grammar, take a look at our Intermediate and Advanced courses!