Want to learn how to speak Hebrew? You have found the right place!

There are many aspects to learning a new language. Some courses focus on reading, some on writing, and some primarily on understanding. Of course, with Learn Hebrew Pod, you can learn any and all of these. But Learn Hebrew Pod is especially good if you are interested in how to speak Hebrew.

Spoken Hebrew is actually based on a very ancient language, the language of the Bible — sometimes called Biblical Hebrew. During Biblical times, people also spoke Hebrew as their daily language. But while modern spoken Hebrew’s  roots can be found in Biblical Hebrew, the Hebrew spoken today is actually a very modern and contemporary language. In Israel, it is the language of everyday life, and Israelis speak Hebrew to talk about everything under the sun — including things that were certainly never imagined in Biblical times!

So when did people stop speaking Hebrew, and how did they start speaking Hebrew again? There’s some debate about when spoken Hebrew fell out of use. But all agree that by the end of the 2nd century CE, for all intents and purposes, spoken Hebrew was no more. By this time, the Roman Empire had conquered Israel, and Hebrew speaking people were dispersed throughout the world. And so it was for almost two thousand years until once again there was a need to speak Hebrew in the land that was to become the State of Israel. By the mid to late 19th century, Jewish people began to return to the land to rebuild it and create a national home. But these people came from all over the world, and they did not have a common language or a way to speak to each other. That’s the time when certain leaders decided that the new homeland should have a “new old” language, and they decided that in Israel, people should speak Hebrew.

But convincing the people to speak Hebrew was not an easy thing. The language had been asleep for almost two thousand years, and those speaking Hebrew had no way to talk about anything more modern than that which existed during Biblical times. A whole new language of spoken Hebrew had to be born, and the man most often credited with giving rebirth to Hebrew was a man named Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. Though he was certainly not the only one, his tireless work in creating modern spoken Hebrew is one of the primary reasons there are people speaking Hebrew today. Ben-Yehuda taught people how to speak Hebrew by creating a dictionary of modern Hebrew words—often using Biblical roots to give the people a way to speak Hebrew phrases about modern ideas.

Today, of course, it is much easier to learn how to speak Hebrew than it was in Ben-Yehuda’s time. There are Hebrew movies, Hebrew TV programs, and Hebrew newspapers. And for those who don’t live in a place where they can speak Hebrew every day, there’s Learn Hebrew Pod... the best place to learn how to speak Hebrew on the Internet! Learn Hebrew Pod focuses on helping you learn to speak Hebrew online through creative use of modern dialogues, articles, and humorous, friendly conversation. As you are learning to speak Hebrew, you will become friends with Liat, Eran, Dan, and Jonathan. You’ll hear them as they speak Hebrew, you’ll repeat Hebrew words and phrases, you'll even learn the Hebrew grammar - and before you know it, you’ll be speaking Hebrew yourself!