put simply, 'learnhebrewpod' is the difference between mastering hebrew in a relatively short time and giving up. particularly for those who learn best by listening and simultaneously reading what they are hearing, this method is perfect. for students who want to get into the grammatical workings of hebrew, there is plenty of information on that too, presented in a clear, concise way. it isn't an exaggeration for me to say that it's taken me about two years to learn what i have picked up in a week on this site - amazing!! the web designer deserves a pat on the back as well; way better than other language-learning sites out there. toda raba!


Laura, Vienna, Austria

i am completely astonished! i started my reading course three days ago and studied for one hour each day. I cannot believe that after finishing lesson 11 (in just three hours!!!), I was able to go to the advanced part of the course and read my first words in hebrew! 

i would like to congratulate the learn hebrew pod team for this amazing method! 

toda raba


Carol, São Miguel Arcanjo, Brazil

Hi there,

My name is מיכאל and I made aliyah a year ago. I now live in שאר ישוב.

I am a subscriber to learnhebrewpod and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work that you have put into this program. I am finding it to be a truly fantastic resource that is helping me greatly to learn hebrew. I learn best when I can understand the grammar rules that the language is built on. Your program contains the best grammar explanations that I have found in any Hebrew learning program. They are clear, simple and contain examples - the perfect formula. I went through a long phase where I didn't really use my subscription. A few days ago I started to use your program again and I realised how wonderful this resource is. I have spent 4 hours learning Hebrew today via your website.

Thank you so much.

!תודה רבה ושבוע ניפלא


Mike, HaGalil HaElyon, Israel

I am soooooooooo loving this course so far! I am only on the 5th lesson but they are so easy to follow and humorous as well! You all had me at 'cream cheese'! Thank you for making this program so easy and affordable for those of us who wish to persue other languages! Todah! :)


Anglea, Cape Cod, MA, USA

You guys are great! We started my husband and I on learnhebrewpod since we lived in Houston, we are now olim in Bet Shemesh and Ulpan is not an option since thank G-d we are busy with our jobs, I am continuing learning here and your system is AMAZING! I am recommending it to all my friends who think Hebrew is too challenging, you really bring it to life, kol hakavod!


Tzipora, Bet Shemesh, Israel

Best Hebrew Learning I’ve Found on the Internet


I had 9 years of Hebrew school while growing up as a child in New York many years ago, but have learned more about how to speak it from these last 2 months of podcasts! Very, very good and highly professional. So good, in fact, that I signed up as a 6 month subscriber !

The lessons are clear and logical, with each successive lesson building on the last. It is great to hear the proper Israeli pronunciations during these lessons as well. I especially like the breakdown of the word roots and how multiple words are related. It makes more sense to me in remembering them.

Toda raba J, L, and E!


Alan, Reno, NV, United States 


This is only my second day since I signed up for your complete program (and only 1 week since i started looking to learn to speak Hebrew) but it is definitely a great value. I already have about 50 words in my vocabulary and I can ask simple questions in Hebrew and, just as important, I understand basic sentences. As far as suggestions to make your site better, i just can't think of anything at the moment. Your lessons are well prepared and you have so many games available, it is just great. Ani mevin ivrit ? Ken, ani mevin ivrit ! Toda ve lehitraot..............


Kevin, Airview Heights, Illinois, USA 

I was looking for a way to learn Hebrew, I found this site on the internet. I wasn't sure but the voice made me sign up! And I found out that behind the voice there is a top quality product which answers many questions about Hebrew language in a way that is easy to understand. This product decodes the mystery of Hebrew grammar in a fun and convenient way. It is one of those rare occurrences in life when a product exceeds all expectations. A great mix of modern technology and professional instruction.

Marina, Irvine, California, USA

Thank you so much for your fantastic program! Learn Hebrew Pod is the best system for learning Hebrew that I have found, and I've searched extensively. Your lectures are great and learning Hebrew with you is simply amazing - lots of fun and challenging just in the right way!

Beginners need some things explained in English if they are going to understand them. That's what makes your technique so great. There are explanations in English so I can understand the concepts. I am seeing a lot of improvement in my Hebrew skills very quickly. Thank you Learn Hebrew Pod.

Good luck and all the best,

Maha, Gaza, Palestinian Authority

Hi Jonathan, Liat, and Eran,

You did an amazing job. Really. I found your Learn Hebrew Pod Hebrew program two days ago, looked at it, was stunned, subscribed immediately -- and now I'm already through with lesson 4. And it's real fun to learn.

Thomas, Washington DC, United States

Thank you so much for making this teaching available. It is the best method I have found, after searching high and low for a good way to learn Hebrew. Now I listen to the iPod lessons during my workout in the gym before I go to work in the morning and get training for my body and my brain at the same time.

I´m telling my friends about this website and hopefully you will be seeing more students signing up from Iceland.


Sigrun. Reykjavik,  Iceland

Thank you so much for making this wonderful website and podcast series available. I recently began working with colleagues in Jerusalem and wished to learn a bit of Hebrew to add in our conversations. I absolutely love the method of teaching, translation and learning that these conversational Hebrew podcasts offer. It is also great teaching family and friends the new words and phrases that I learn, and they enjoy it too. Thank you once again for making this available. I hope that this website, podcast and the great experience it brings continues to grow.


Jeremy, CA, United States

I have only good things to say. Your teaching technique is fabulous and I am making progress. Your programs are entertaining, practical and well presented. I suggest you change nothing! Keep them coming.

Andrew, Lincoln, Nebraska, United States


I just discovered your site today-- what a find!!! I'm a 'beginning intermediate' adult Hebrew student (both Biblical/prayerbook and Modern... love chanting Torah!), but very weak in conversational skills. As my husband and I will be visiting Israel in early January to visit our daughter and her Israeli husband (they made aliyah in April 2008), we both want to improve our basic conversational abilities. How wonderful to find your site! I love being able to download Hebrew to my mp3 player (I'm a subscriber to the bi-weekly beginner newspaper 'Bereshit' also...).

One of the real strengths of your careful teaching is how you break down each word SLOWLY so that new learners can really hear what they are going to be trying to reproduce-- so often on Hebrew audio programs I've used, *everything* is read or spoken a 'normal' speeds, which can all just start to 'mush' together and become incomprehensible for a beginner. You help students REACH for normal speeds, by truly helping them understand what it is that they are actually hearing-- THEN a person can also begin to hear it at the faster paces of more normal conversational speeds.

BRAVO on this wonderful site-- I will definitely be recommending to my friends seeking to learn Modern Hebrew!

Susan, Kittanning, Pennsylvania, United States
This is terrific. Your podcasts are really outstanding. I have been using the  podcasts for about a month and it is really helping me with my Hebrew. I enjoy it so much that I have decided to subscribe.
I look forward to learning with you in the months ahead.

Gregg, Cherry Hill, NJ, United States

My Hebrew name is Klila Bracha. I am Indonesian but I am living in Japan since I was little. I'm a musician of "Ethnic Fusion". I am composing & performing Israeli music a lot, especially for the Yom Hazikaron for over 15 years as well as Indonesian and Japanese. I am also using Indonesian, Japanese and Israeli instruments for my performance.
I can read, write, sing and understand Hebrew but i can't speak. My husband found your podcast for me and I'm listening every day. It helps me a lot in learning Hebrew, and I can accept it easily. Toda rabah!
I haven't been to Israel even i knew a lot of Israeli songs. I will be very happy when i walk on the soil of the holy land.


Celia, Tokyo, Japan

Excellent...Metsuyan!...Good fun while learning...
I will be making aliyah with my family within a year. This is a very good tool for learning Hebrew!


Peter, London, United Kingdom

I LOVE Learn Hebrew Pod....It's Mezzuyan!

I'm horrible with learning languages (ask my highschool Spanish and French teachers!), this site and all of the materials that membership offers a student are amazing, easy to use and completely interactive!

I have friends who are Israeli and after the first 5 weeks of using Learn Hebrew Pod they are amazed at my progress.
Toda Jonathan, Eran and Liat!!


Scott, Pleasanton,California, United States

Thank you! Thank you very much! I've been trying to be part of the miracle of Israel, the redemption of the land, language and people. I've been using various books and programs but have found "learnhebrewpod" to be by far the most effective for me. Again, toda raba!


Elena, Grover Beach, California, United States

Shalom, Jonathan, Liat and Eran. Happy 60th anniversary to Isreal!

60 years anniversary is very special for Japanese. It is called Kanreki. We believe circle of life has 60 years circle. So at 60 years, one starts his new life again. I alway hope happiness, peace and prosperity in your Isreal.

I am a Japanese woman live in Kobe, Japan. Last year I was in NY. and I was in a workplace where almost all were Jewish people. There I've got many Jewish friends. They were allways so nice to me and still are. I miss them so much.

Some of them have families in Isreal.

My dream is visit to Jerusalem one day.

So I start to Learn Hebrew Pod. But I'm soooo slow. now it's May but I'm still listening lesson 9 and also still cannot count in Hebrew. I'm so sad. But I always enjoy lessons. I love Liat's voice especially.

But lucky me. One of the only two synagogue in Japan is only 2 minutes walk from my home. So I visit there time to time. Rabbi talks first in Hebrew then in English. Now I can catch only few words like shalom or ata but hope someday I can understand his Hebrew. and read Torah in Hebrew!!

Learn Hebrew Pod is a great program. pdf is also great. And it is not expensive. I'm so happy to have this program. Imagine how I was happy when I found this on podcast. Before this program, in Japan I was almost had no way to learn Hebrew.

So toda. ve le׳hitra׳ot

Kumiko, Hyogo, Kobe, Japan

Dear Johnathan, Eran and Liat,

I think this product is absolutely wonderful, I have found it the best way to learn hebrew at my own pace and I have to compliment you on your fantastic lesson plans, interactive games and overall presentation of the hebrew pod package. I am very very grateful that you have such a product out there on the market.

Thanks again for such a great product, I look forward to working my way through your course as I learn hebrew before I go back to israel.

Kind regards

Cameron, Queensland , Milton, Brisbane, Australia

I just discovered your podcast on itunes and loved it. I am even more thrilled to see that I can read what I am hearing on this website. My boyfriend is excited (and I'm sure his mother will be too!) that I am starting my Hebrew lessons. Thank you!

Laura, San Francisco, CA, United States

Great! i've been learning Hebrew for a week on your site and when I went to see 'Waltzing with Bashir' today I could actually understand some of the words. Well, only stuff like ken and lo and ad and ani and ata, but it made me feel good.

Seret tov, by the way.


Philip, London, United Kingdom

Please allow me to tell you how much I love your podcast! The three of you have wonderful, welcoming personalities which make listening to your interactions a very pleasant experience.

David, Stamford, Connecticut, United States

Shalom Yonatan,  Mah ha-inyanim?

I want to let you know how helpful your lessons have been to me. I had a Hebrew background before starting your program, but your program has really helped to solidify much of my knowledge and add to my vocabulary. I am planning to make aliyah ba-aviv ha-ba-ah, and I am anxious to absorb as much as possible before I move.


Judi, Atlanta, Georgia, United States



Shalom LearnHebrewPod

I have been trying to learn Hebrew for many years. I have bought a number of programs and downloaded various computer programs. But over the past few days I have been listening to yours on my iPod and I feel that you three have become friends-chaverim. I  took you with me on the car trip to Darwin, then on a small plane to a remote Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land. Then in a 4wd to an even more remote place with no electricity, and I have been working my way through the basic lessons. Fantastic! Now that I am back home in Katherine, I am signing up for 12 months and really looking forward to making better progress.

Toda, Chris

Christopher, Katherine, NT, Australia

I've just listened and read lesson 1a. Your teaching method is just what I've been looking for: easy, functional and... "pleasant"!


Mario, Rome, Italy


I love the course and have recently signed up as a member. I am studying Hebrew with live online lessons once a week and I find your podcasts an excellent way to practice what I have already learned as well as advance into other areas which my online course hasn't touched on yet. I listen to your audio lessons on my iPod and I enjoy doing the other exercises when I have time on my computer.
I have already sent your link to one of my classmates.
Kind regards

Michael, Coomba Park, NSW, Australia

Dear Learn Hebrew Pod,

I can't describe how great your lessons are, they are very informative and teach Hebrew in a very creative way, way to go.
Thank you again,
G'd bless

Loay, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Just wanted you to know:

I've been dating an Israeli for 2 years here in New York City, and as soon as I discovered Learn Hebrew Pod, I have been downloading the podcasts. His English is flawless, but it has helped me to try to understand his background and to get a sense of his language.
Now, we just got tickets to Israel yesterday! We are flying into Tel Aviv in four months, so I knew it was time to purchase a subscription. I am very excited to be able to navigate a bit easier in a foreign country and not be completely dependent on him.
Wish me luck, and thank you in advance!

Stephanie, New York, NY, United States


I am so excited about this course!   It is very well organized, the lesson topics are interesting,  and I very much appreciate the native speakers pronunciation of the words.   
I appreciate your work to make this available.


Patti, Fuquay Varina, NC, USA



I just wanted to write to say that I've been working with the learnhebrewpod system for about a month now, and it's amazing to me how much I've learned. I love the pictures with the vocabulary - the kid holding the human brain for the word "lehibahel" makes me laugh out loud every time I say the word. Same with "lehitlachlech."


Not long after I started the first lesson I watched a youtube video of Sallah Shabati, and I actually recognized the word "shimcha!" I felt inordinately proud of myself.


Thank you for offering such great instruction as an incredibly low price.


bless you in all that you do,


Kathy,Santee, CA, United States



I am on lesson 5-B, and I'm learning so much! I learned the rest of the days of the week this evening. I'm trying to learn to read Hebrew as well, and it's a wonderful challenge! I'm reminding myself that it is "gradually acquired knowledge":). I'm glad that I'm becoming familiar with oti-yot ivrit and their names and what they sound like. I'm finding that as I go along, things are connecting and making sense. I just played the matching game for the first time tonight using the two categories of extra vocabulary that I've read through so far, and found it so encouraging when I got things right and a big smiley face came onto the screen; it makes me want to read and retain more vocabulary because I'll get to use it for something right away. With the recorded voices saying "lo.." or "mezzu-yan!", it's like I'm studying with other people. I am thoroughly pleased with this online course and I'm so excited to learn more!

Toda le-kulchem!:)

Yom nehedar,

Kristin, Indianapolis, IN, United States



I am so excited to have found your website . I subscribed for a year and have been loading my mp3 player with the help of my daughter. I love listening to Yonatan, Liat, and Eran with their Israeli accents (ma od?) and then practicing speaking Hebrew with a Israeli accent. The integration of grammar, words, sentence structure are so helpful. So, now I drive to work, go walking with ivrit in my ears v'ani ohevet et ze!


Carolyn, West Hartford, CT, USA

Absolutely love Learn Hebrew Pod!! The format and gradual learning process is very helpful and enjoyable. I look forward to my lessons. I have enjoyed meeting Jonathan, Liat and Eran.


Deb, West Des Moines, IA, United States 

Dear Learn Hebrew Pod Team


I think the course is nehedar. My husband was born in Israel, and since he's been here in the USA since age 12 his English is now stronger than his Hebrew. It will be good (after 19+ years!) to have enough Hebrew fluency really to converse with him b'Ivrit.


Todah rabah.


Sharon, Moxie, NH, United States



Dear Jonathan, Liat, Eran,

A wonderful program. You have done very, very well.
You've made the learning painless. I didn't know a letter, or word of Hebrew when I started but I am very proud of my progress now, thanks to you! Metsuyan, toda raba.

John, Accra, Ghana

Since my last stay in Israel in July, I have been studying hebrew almost every day with your podcasts.

I have just come back from a week long trip in Jerusalem, dead sea, Galil and Tel Aviv and must say that I have noticed a significant difference both in understanding people and talking to them. I am still not able to have a business conversation but in practical situations like ordering a meal or arriving at a hotel, renting a car etc... there was no problem.

Thanks a lot and my best wishes for 2010

Philipppe, Metz, France

I want to thank you for developing this site. It is well designed and has very effective teaching methods. I recently visited Israel and was able to converse in basic Hebrew with many Israelis. It was a great joy to see their faces light up when they realized I could speak their language. My plan is to keep studying and increase my knowledge for the next visit to Israel. Keep up the great work!


Patti, Fuquay Varina, NC, United States

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you very much for the letter translated into Hebrew.

I would also like to transmit you and all LHP team my satisfaction for the high quality of the course. I find it is a great course because you have combined the best of different systems. Your explanations are very clear, your repetitions help to reinforce the learning very well, and finally I find your idea of the three lessons A-B-C very effective. I hardly need to listen to them a couple of times and I almost learn it all!

Additionally, your pdf transcripts are very well presented and helpful to learn to read Hebrew. I find it amazing I can read so many things in Hebrew just after a few weeks. I have only completed four lessons, but I am enjoying it a lot

Thanks again and congratulations!

Francisco, Cleveland, OH, United States

Shalom Learn Hebrew Pod!

I love your methodology for learning Hebrew. I lived in Israel from 1978 to 1984. I went to Ulpan Etzuyan in Jerusalem to learn Hebrew. I also went to Havat hanoar ha tzeoni. I was only 15 when I first moved to Israel.
Anyways, I am recommending your site and product to all I come in contact with. Your method is fun and progresses at a steady pace. 
Thank you Jonathan, Eran Liat and Dan,  I feel like the 4 of you are my extended family. 
I would love to hear you in concert in the USA!


Steve, Schenectady, NY, United States



I have listened to your free pod casts and I am VERY impressed with your teaching technique as well as with the peaceful, friendly atmosphere of each lesson.  I am a speech language pathologist (commonly known as a speech therapist), so I can easily recognize good techniques for language learning.  You are to be commended and applauded!

Thank you very much!

John, Miami, Florida, United States

Dear Jonathan,


Just an email to say how much I enjoy the Hebrew lessons. After hearing yours, Liat's and Eran's voices to and from work in my car for so long, I almost feel you are my friends. It would be great to meet you all at some stage, maybe a Learn Hebrew Pod workshop in Israel?


I really like the site, it’s very well organized.


Learn Hebrew Pod is an excellent and professional program to study Hebrew, and it is enjoyable as well. The perfect combination!


Best wishes to all of you,


Wim, Dublin, Ireland

I just want to say that I really enjoy your product. 
I have tried to learn Hebrew with the Rosetta Stone program, but I did not find it easy.
Your approach with cultural inputs and direct translation makes it a lot more interesting! 
I hope I will be able to go through all the lessons and then be able to communicate with
partner's family in Israel :) 
Thank you! 
Marie, Sydney, Australia

I have worked out all my question. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant website and so easy to
follow for ANYONE. Thank you thank you thank you. I want to put my words together
concisely and effectively before I write a testimonial so I do justice to this magnificent
teaching tool. I will definitely be recommending this to anyone who wants to learn
Hebrew. After having tried so many other ways and being left discouraged I would not
even consider going anywhere else after seeing this.


Margot, Incheon, Namdong