• Shalom Sesame: Moses on Mount Sinai
    "Are we there yet?" gives you some idea of the fun tone in this short animated summary of the events at Mt. Sinai. Most suited to preschool through younger grades.
  • Shavuot – Cheesecakes, Water & Torah Study
    Some descriptions of celebrating Chag Ha-Shavuot "man-on-the-street" style - provided by regular people around Israel (mostly in Hebrew, but with clear English subtitles).
  • Shavuot – The Day That Shook The World
    Short spoof modeled like a trailer ad for a blockbuster movie or book campaign. 
    Clever, produced by Aish.
  • Shavuot To Go
    Whoever thought about Rashi inspiring one to fine breakdancing  :) ?
    Yeshiva University apparently has.
  • Israeli Shavuot Festival 2007
    We include this one not for the video really but because it gives you a nice sampling medley of long-popular folk songs (associated usually with Shavuot because of their agricultural orientation).  Most have folk dances that go along with them, by the way, and that's the sort of thing that ends up being performed in kibbutzim, etc. at such a time. Tractor +cart rides for the children and/or processions would also be typical during Shavuot :)
  • Underage Underwriters – Shavuot Video
    Cute short produced by Chabad - using an ATM as message vehicle.
  • Shibolim
    Rock version of this older song by kibbutz band.
    Shibbolim means stalks of grain.
  • Best Shavuot Video – 2012
    Quick "crash course" talk on the chag and the Ten Commandments, etc. by  Avraham Goldhar. Appropriate for middle school through high school and up.
  • Medley of Shavuot Songs (Israeli)