•  And then there is Sukkah, the movie ;-)…
  • And the contest event in NYC, the basis for the movie, with photos- WOW!
  • "Sukkah City: What is a Sukkah?"
    With some short explanations and rules about a kosher sukkah, produced by myjewishlearning. Yup, they mention the elephant wall reference and a bit more…
  • "Good Samaritan. Great Sukkah!"
    How the Samaritans do it.
  • Sukkah on a boat…
  • Sukkot Fun - Strange Sukkahs!
    "A 32ft tall Sukkah? Sukkah on a boat? On a camel? See them for real in this video clip! Filmed at the Sukkah exhibit at Neot Kedumim, the Biblical nature reserve in Israel, which features the many unusual Sukkahs described in the Mishna - some of which are "kosher" and some not.
  • Vassar Sukkot Project
    "To celebrate Sukkot during Vassar's sesquicentennial year, Vassar art students designed and fabricated two creative variations on the traditional Jewish "sukkah". Rena Blumenthal, Assistant Director of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and the Rachlin Advisor to Jewish Students, developed the project with Tyler Rowland '00, adjunct assistant professor of art. The only limitations they placed on the students were the traditional guidelines based on Jewish law--that each sukkah had to have at least three walls and a roof made of organic materials through which the stars could be seen at night."
  • "The Water Libations"
    Orthodox Union (American), short description.
  • Lyrics for Sukkot Songs
    This site does have transliterated lyrics. Some, but not all, include English translation.
    Some of these songs you can hear in links listed further below.
  • Agnon's Etrog in "Ushpizin"
    Excellent short excerpt from the recommended Israeli movie which follows below.
    Hebrew with clear, English subtitles.
    (And S.Y.Agnon was a literary giant, by the way, so he's worth checking out too in your nearest library).
    "Scene is from Shuli Rand's film "Ushpizin" (2004) which particularly echoes S.Y. Agnon's short story 'Etrogo shel Oto Tzadik' (in 'HaEish vehaEitzim'); translated as 'That Tzaddik's Etrog' (in 'A Book That Was Lost' - Toby Press)."
  • Ushpizin (The Guests) - Israeli Movie
    ***For older youth and adults.
    In Hebrew, with clear, English subtitles.
    "Ushpizin" was a successful film both with box-office and critics, released in August 2004. It's worth watching on its own merits, as well as giving a taste of Israeli culture and the arts (the background on the film is also interesting). It's likely to spark discussion as well. It runs about an hour and a half total.
    "In Jerusalem's orthodox neighborhoods, it's Succoth, seven days celebrating life's essentials in a sukkot, a temporary shack of both deprivation and hospitality. A devout couple, Moshe and Mali, married nearly five years and childless, are broke and praying for a miracle. Suddenly, miracles abound: a friend finds Moshe a sukkot he says is abandoned, Moshe is the beneficiary of local charitable fundraising, and two escaped convicts arrive on Moshe and Mali's doorstep in time to be their ushpizin - their guests. The miracles then become trials. Rabbinical advice, absolution, an effort to avoid anger, and a 1000-shekel citron figure in Moshe's dark night of the soul."
    Ushpizin on iTunes
    Ushpizin on Amazon
  • Sukkot: Back to Basics
    "All Is Vanity And I'm Chasing After The Wind…
    Catch a clever "taster" of Kohelet/Ecclesiastes in short video/song form,
    produced by "G-dcast". It will give you a sense of what "all the fuss is about" and likely whet your reading appetite for the real deal.
  • Shalom Sesame: Noam's Sukkot, 2011
    Noam's Etrog Farm: a short documentary about a boy in Israel who visits an etrog farm and helps his family build their sukkah to prepare for the holiday.
  • Gone to the dogs…
    שלומית בונה סוכה. חג שמח! / Shlomit Builds A Sukkah. Happy Holiday!
    2008, by Amos Fridlin. Cute- this guy takes a new direction with a well-known Israeli children's song. "Watch my dog, Shlomit, building a sukkah in preparation for the holiday. This is real footage that I shot with other dog pals. The dogs in this short video are not trained. They were very happy in their new outdoor stakeout :) ".
  • Shakin' the Lulav (Sukkot song)
    Cute. Guess which song they borrowed ;-) .
    Oct. 11, 2011, Ramat Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem, Bar-Cohn Productions.
  • Sukkot in 60 Seconds
    2012, created by "TrankBros".
  • Occupy Sukkot Across the Country
    Sukkah as social protest, news report, Jewish Daily Forward 2011.
    "Jewish activists across the United States constructed sukkahs as part of ever-growing Occupy Wall Street movement and to mark the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot."
    Sukkot Biblical Holiday Versions of Folk Songs
    סוכות בזמר/ Sukkot In Song
  • The Succot Song - Elisha Z & the Zakabeats
    2011. Nice borrowing of original song performed by Train.
    (Hebrew and English parts).
    Eprhyme "Gimme Shelter" Remix (Sukkot Song, 5571)
  • Street Art Tour of Jerusalem
    Older youth through adult (more the adult end)
    Very interesting video by darshan, shir yaakov feinstein-feit & eden pearlstein.
    Street art shots (some real fine ones) to rap remix, English, Sukkot as political message.
    Although not necessary, this one is even better if you happen to know some Hebrew for some parts of that street art.
  • The Maccabeats - What's next? Sukkos Style?
     2012. We include this really only for the part where they parody gangam style- it's a perfect match, and something you could maybe "borrow" for some presentation of your own.
  • Build A Sukkah: Rabbi Joe Black, Junior Klezmer Band and Maxwell Street Klezmer Band
    2011. Rabbi Joe Black shows how a Sukkot song would sound if Elvis sang it.
  • How to Build a Sukkah - Moishe House Rocks
    *Beat-box style* presentation + cartooned instruction for building a sukkah.
  • Sukkah Ve'Lulav / סוכה ולולב - ר' יהודה פתיה - Iraqi Jews song for Sukkot
    "Sukkah and lulav" - Sukkot liturgy performed in Babylonian tradition.
    Cool Eastern sound.
  • Chilik Frank- Medley of Sukkot Songs / חיליק פרנק - מחרוזת שירי סוכות
    Chilik Frank on clarinet, plus band. Frank is a Breslover Chasid from Jerusalem who has attracted some attention in the Klezmer scene the past few years.
  • Sukati Hasuka /My Sukkah Is The Sukkah, Dafna Armoni
    דפנה ארמוני סוכתי הסוכה
    Longtime popular Israeli children's song.
  • Patish, Masmer / A Hammer, A Nail… / פטיש מסמר
    Longtime popular Israeli children's song.
  • Basuka Shelanu / In Our Sukkah / בסוכה שלנו
    Longtime popular Israeli children's song.
  • Arba-at Haminim / The Four Species / ארבעת המינים
    Longtime popular Israeli children's song.
  • Another Song Medley,
    from Parpar Nechmad/"Charming Butterfly", an Israeli young children's program.
  • Ushavtem Mayim / And You Drew Water / להקת חג שמח - ושאבתם מים
    Good time to learn a classic simple water song and folk dance.
    You can find the lyrics + dance directions here:
  • Cruisin' with DAJUS - Sukkah Shop and Hop
    This is a quite well-done overview and presentation of Sukkot in Israel, from an Orthodox/Baal Teshuva (Returnee to observant Judaism) perspective.
    This mini-film goes into nice concepts, a little Kabala, a whole array of local sukkahs, four species buying (wow- the size of some etrogs!), even a little beat box and breakdance.
    (You will however note no women at all in the entire video- so for progressive Jews we suggest taking these messages of our heritage and reapplying everything you see inclusively to everyone).
  • Parpar Nechmad: Sukkot / פרפר נחמד: סוכות
    The level here is somewhat higher than basic Hebrew level. If you are taking our courses or attending ulpan or a Jewish Day school- watching Israeli children's programs is helpful practice. Papar Nechmad/"Charming Butterfly" was one of the best - the reruns are popular to this day. If you are a "Beginner", this is still useful to see what words and common simple phrases you can "catch" that are familiar (you'll be pleasantly surprised), and you'll likely pick up a few new ones :) . Nice video, with puppets, songs, storybook and talking four species included.
  • Wanna see the custom of willow branches getting whacked for the casting off of sins?
    Sukkot Hoshana Rabah- Happy Minyan
    The action starts about 2 1/2 minutes into the video.
    "L.A. cantor Yehuda Solomon sacrifices willow branches".