I want to learn Hebrew, but I’m not sure of the best way to go about it. How do I learn more?

Check out Why choose us? for an overview of all of our features and to find out what makes us different from other Hebrew programs. For a more detailed explanation of how the program is structured, take a look at our How does it work? page.

Can I try Learn Hebrew Pod before I subscribe?

We offer you several options to experience Learn Hebrew Pod before signing up for a complete course:

Go to our Lessons page and try 3 complete lessons right from there. Each lesson includes 3 audio lesson segments (A, B & C) and the accompanying PDF transcripts. You can also access the multimedia tools, games, and quizzes that go along with each lesson to give you the full Learn Hebrew Pod experience! Each lesson is from a different level of our course--Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

  • If you have iTunes installed on your computer, just click here to open iTunes and subscribe to the Learn Hebrew Pod free podcast, which allows you to instantly download 5 complete audio lessons and their PDF transcripts directly into iTunes. These are the same lessons as those you can access from our Free Lessons page--one each from the Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Levels of our course--plus 2 more to try out. (Though you can’t access all the multimedia tools using this method, it is the quickest way to download the free audio lessons and PDFs with just a couple of mouse clicks.)
  • Or... you can try out our Beginners First Steps program, which gives you full access to the first 6 lessons of our Beginner’s Program for only $20. This introductory program gives you the opportunity to experience all the aspects of our lessons in sequence (including audio lessons, PDFs, and multimedia tools) to see how each one builds on the next. You’ll be amazed at how much Hebrew you’ll learn so quickly! Click here to go to the Registration Page and sign up for Beginner’s First Steps.
  • Try one or try all three . . . but after you have had the chance to experience Learn Hebrew Pod, we’re sure you’ll see why this is no ordinary Hebrew program!

What types of courses does Learn Hebrew Pod offer?

Our primary course is designed to teach you to speak and understand Hebrew--from the very beginning up to advanced levels. You can learn and benefit from our primary course whether or not you read Hebrew (or want to learn to read Hebrew). You can subscribe to a full year of our Beginners level for just $90, to a combination of our Intermediate & Advanced levels for just $130, to All Levels for just $160 and to our Premuim Subscription for just $180 (our best value!).

If you DO wish to learn to read Hebrew, we also offer a comprehensive supplementary Learn to Read Hebrew course for just $70 for a full year.

Finally, for those wishing to just get a taste, we offer a Beginners First Steps course, which offers 1 month full access to the first 6 lessons of our Beginners level for just $20.


Why should I become a member?

By becoming a Learn Hebrew Pod member, you will have access to all of the Learn Hebrew Pod learning tools, such as additional audio lessons, downloadable PDF transcripts for each Podcast/audio lesson, games, quizzes and other fun practice tools, vocabulary and reading lessons, and other additional services you won't find anywhere else on the net.  

How do I know which level to sign up for?

We invite you to try out some Free Lessons and see which level is right for you. Each of our free lessons is from a different level of our course--Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced. In addition, you can click Read More on any of the following pages to get a description of the content for each level:




I’m coming to Israel in a few weeks, and I just want to learn the basics.Do you offer something for me?

We offer a Beginners First Steps course, which offers 1 month full access to the first 6 lessons of our Beginners level for just $20. After these lessons, you will be able to introduce yourself in Hebrew and have some casual conversation with the people that you meet. You’ll be able to ask them what they do, where they’re from, and what languages they speak. You’ll also know the days of the week and the basics of counting in Hebrew. Not bad for just 6 lessons!!


Sounds great. How do I sign up?

Just click here to go to the Registration Page and you’ll be on your way! We look forward to joining you on your Hebrew learning journey! 


Your registration page keeps taking me to PayPal. Do I need a PayPal account to sign up?

Not at all! We simply use PayPal to process our credit card payments. When you get to the PayPal page, you will have the option to sign in if you are a PayPal member or pay by credit card without signing in if you do not have (or do not wish to use) your PayPal account.


Why do you need my email address?

As Learn Hebrew Pod is an online service, we find email to be the most convenient way to communicate with our members. Your email will help us to verify your account, notify you of your login information and membership expiration, and keep you up to date with what’s new on the website. We will never share your email address with third parties. You may remove yourself from our mailings whenever you wish by using the link in our emails. 

Will you share my email address or any other personal information?

Absolutely not. For more information about how we protect your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.


What happens when my membership expires?

Learn Hebrew Pod memberships are not automatically renewed. One day before your membership expires, we will send you a notification via email. We hope you will decide to stay with us on your Hebrew learning journey by logging into your My Account page and signing up for a new subscription.

What if I still have a question or a problem?

If you haven't found the answer to your question or still have an unresolved problem, simply submit your question via the Feedback/Contact form. We’re here to help!