No Parking SignLike in any major city, in Tel Aviv, parking can be tough to come by.  Combine the parking challenge with that certain “creativity” Israeli drivers are known for, and don’t be surprised if you occasionally see cars parked on the sidewalk!  Of course, it’s still so exciting when you buy a new car. me-od meragesh!  mazal tov, Liat!

Mechanic & Cars In GarageIn Learn Hebrew Pod shiur mispar shtem-esre, our trip to the garage with Liat will give us the opportunity to learn some new Hebrew vocabulary related to businesses and the hours they open and close.  We’ll learn a little bit about changing nouns and verbs from singular to plural, and we’ll learn a little trick to make it all easier!

Then, in Lesson 12B, We’ll also get our first look at something we will return to again and again throughout our future lessons--the concept of the “guttural letter.”  Hmmm . . . what could that possibly mean?

All in all, it’s an action-packed shiur--sort of like a drive on the streets of Tel Aviv!  So, keep Eran, Liat, and Jonathan close by while you’re driving around town . . . and be careful out there!! Smile