Music Notesani Purim, ani Purim, sameyach umvadeyach . . . My name is Purim and I come great fun and frolic bringing.  Just once a year I visit you to cheer you with my singing!  Music Notes

Purim CostumePurim is here!  What an awesome holiday . . . achla chag!!  So much laughter, music, and dancing.  And everyone has permission to dress up in costumes and be silly . . . children and grown-ups alike!

In honor of Purim, we’ll have a little merriment here at Learn Hebrew Pod too!  Eran and Liat will let us in on the secret of whom they will be masquerading as this year.  And they’ll help us learn a whole list of other costumes (some of which they have worn in past years).  By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to speak in Hebrew all about parties and good times with friends.

HamantaschenHow will you celebrate Purim this year?  Will you hear the reading of Megilat Esther and makenoise with your gragger--ra-ashan?  Will you go to a party, wear a tachposet, and eat plenty of hamantaschen?  (Did you know that in Israel, we call theseozney haman--Haman’s ears?)

What ever you do, be sure to enjoy Purim while it’s here . . . it only comes once a year!  lo kol yom Purim!!