NumbersOne thing that makes getting around Israel easier for both tourists and residents is its great bus system.  You can travel between cities and to almost anyplace within the cities just by hopping on a bus! be-yerushalayim, yesh otobus meyuchad.  In Jerusalem, there is a special bus, Bus 99, that can take you on a tour of all the major tourist and historical sites.  And they’ll even provide earphones so you can hear an explanation of each place.  (But only if you’re not already listening to Liat, Eran, and Jonathan, of course!)

Today, though, it seems Eran is just trying to get to the Old City, so perhaps he can get some help regarding which bus line to take.  As we listen to his conversation, we’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Hebrew numbers.  We’ll expand on what we’ve already learned about the different sets of numbers, and we’ll learn why the feminine set is the one we use most often.  We’ll see that Hebrew has a word very much like the English suffix Street Sign To The Old City“-teen” that will help us get to twenty pretty easily.  Then in Lesson 14B, we’ll learn how to say the tens (ten, twenty, thirty . . . ) and count all the way to a hundred!!

So, you must be wondering how to say Lesson 14 in Hebrew . . . or the Hebrew name for that special Bus 99 in Jerusalem.  Wonder no longer . . . to find out, tune in to Learn Hebrew Pod shiur mispar ________ (oops! almost gave it away)!!