Seder TableHow beautiful leyl ha-seder is!  The Seder Night . . . with all its special traditions, symbols, and foods . . . gathering with family, reading the Four Questions, drinking four cups of
wine . . .

Father And Son At SederWhere will you be for the seder this year?  Liat and Eran are both going to be with lots of family and are sure to have a fantastic time.  As they tell us about their plans for the holiday, we’ll learn some Hebrew vocabulary related to family.  We’ll also get to take a closer look at possession in Hebrew.  Remember?  These are the words that make a family into
my family, a sister into your sister, a dog into their dog.

So this is the time to make Learn Hebrew Pod
yours . . . or give a gift subscription and make it theirs.  Have a wonderful holiday!  chag sameyach!!

Note:  For those of you wishing to acquire or improve your Hebrew reading skills, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the complete reading course found on the Read tab of this website.  Just think how impressed your friends and family at the seder will be when you read from the hagada this year be-Ivrit--in Hebrew!