Street Sign--Shderot Ben GurionThere are so many wonderful cities to visit in Israel!  Tel Aviv with its non-stop energy, Jerusalem with its many holy sites and museums, Eilat with its beautiful beaches and fabulous diving . . .

But how to get around?  Ask directions, of course . . . outgoing Israelis will be happy to help (and probably engage you in a spirited conversation about politics along the way)!

Jerusalem Directional SignFor Lesson 16,  Eran and Liat have developed an extensive list of directional vocabulary.  They’ll help us get to Shderot Ben Gurion, Rechov Pinsker, Rechov Dizengof and more.  (Did you notice that the names of streets can also give you a history lesson?  They are a virtual encyclopedia of the people important in the founding of the modern State of Israel.)

In addition to learning the words to help us find our way around the cities (crosswalk, traffic light, sidewalk, etc.), we’ll also discover the directions of the four winds--North, South, East, and West.  And we’ll meet some special suffixes and prefixes that are often used in Hebrew, especially in the context of direction.

By the time we’re done, you’ll know how to say, “I am going towards the South” or “Tel Aviv is located West of the Mediterranean Sea.”  You’ll even know how to ask for a Western at Blockbuster!

So what’s the best direction for improving your Hebrew?  Forward, of course . . . kadima! with Learn Hebrew Pod!