Israel At 60Each year on the 5th day of the Jewish month of Iyar, Israel becomes one big party.  Imagine 7 million people celebrating a birthday all at one time!  (The 5th of Iyar corresponds to May 14, 1948, the day on which the State of Israel was proclaimed.  It is always 20 days following the first day of Passover, so mark your calendars!)

Yom Ha-Azzmaut is celebrated throughout Israel with parties and picnics, singing and dancing on the streets, flag waving and fireworks.  In Learn Hebrew Pod Israeli Flagshiur mispar shva-esre, we will learn all the Hebrew vocabulary we need to participate in these exciting celebrations.  Do you know how to say the current year in Hebrew?  You will after Lesson 17B as we learn to count up to 2,000 . . . and then a little bit beyond!

We’ll also review the basic patterns for changing singular nouns and verbs into plural, then we’ll meet a few of the exceptions that define the rule. 

So put on some kachol ve-lavan (blue and white) and join us as we celebrate Israel’s birthday. yom huledet sameach Israel!!