Coffee ShopNo question about it, we Israelis love our coffee.  Not so much the grab ‘n go variety like at Starbucks . . . no, we like to savor it--sitting in a coffee shop, with a real cup, and maybe a slice of that cheesecake over there . . .

For Learn Hebrew Pod shiur mispar shmone-esre aleph, Eran and Liat have invited us to join them at the coffee shop right across the street.  While we’re there, we’ll learn lots of Hebrew vocabulary we can use whenever we’re in a restaurant or beyt kafe.  Come on . . . what good is learning a language if you don’t know how to say chocolate . . . or cheesecake . . . or ice cream?? 
(And to all those out there with a sweet tooth, make sure not to miss the three vocabulary games on this website dedicated exclusively to dessert--the most important meal of the day!)

We’ll also take a look at “contiguity”--a special type of possessive adjective unique to Semitic languages like Hebrew.  Then, in Lesson 15B, we’ll learn even more useful restaurant words and expressions, and we’ll meet an expanded version of our old friend, the “cheese cream rule!”

So take a stroll out to Rechov Dizengof, or Sheinkin, or Ibn Gvirol.  Pull up a chair and relax over a cup of coffee in your favorite beyt kafe.  And don’t forget to tell ‘em Learn Hebrew Pod sent you!