Soccer KickIt seems that Liat spotted Eran this week tooling around town on his o-fa-no-a.  He couldn’t have been the one with his face painted blue and white and draped in an Israeli flag . . . could he??

Well . . . he might just have been.  It turns out that Eran is passionate about more than just the “cheese cream rule.”  He is also the ultimate soccer fan!  As Eran tells us his story about going to the big game against Brazil, we’ll have the opportunity to learn all about the sport of soccer in Israel . . . and lots of Hebrew as well!

Did you know, for example, that the Hebrew word for “soccer” is actually a combination of two words that together translate to “football”?  So if, in Hebrew, football is soccer . . . what do we call (American) football?  And what is Soccer Stadiumeveryone’s favorite thing to eat while at the game?  garinim, of course!  But what on earth are garinim?

We’ll also continue our exploration of the pa-al past tense and notice some interesting patterns that make the past tense much easier than you might think.  Whew! 

So all you sports fans, you won’t want to miss Learn Hebrew Pod shiur mispar esrim.  Grab your iPod and head out to the game!