Articles, prepositions, and verbs . . . oh my!  Articles, prepositions, and verbs . . . oh my!

Hebrew BlocksThere’s no need to be afraid.  And we don’t need to see the Wizard to ask him for a brain!  We’ve got all we need right here, as Jonathan, Eran, and Liat review and consolidate for us the many grammar topics we learned in Lessons 1 through 10.  So by the end of this lesson, we’ll remember:

  • Why it’s called the “cheese cream rule”
  • Why we’d ask Liat “ma shlomech?” instead of “ma shlomcha?”
  • What the pa-albuilding block is, and . . .
  • Why we ohavim et ha-shiurim shel Learn Hebrew Pod instead of ohavim ha-shiurim shel Learn Hebrew Pod.

No, Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.  We’re in Israel . . . the language is Hebrew, and we are well on our way!  kadima!