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Hebrew Lesson Number 23:

Let's Practice What We Know #3

In our Hebrew Lessons 11 to 20- achat esre ad esrim we learned more than 300 new Hebrew words -shlosh meot milim chadashot. Let's review them in the order of the Hebrew letters: the alef-bet.

Introduction to Lesson 23: 

Let's Practice What We Know #3

Learn Hebrew Pod - Lesson 23

So many words, so little time!  It’s amazing, really, when you think about it-- according to Science Magazine (July 2007), we speak an average of 16,000 words per day!!

Thank goodness, that’s not 16,000 different words per day.  And no . . . we don’t have 16,000 Hebrew words to review in shiur mispar esrim ve-shalosh.  But 300 is a lot . . . so let’s get going!

שלוש מאות

By the time we’re through with this lesson, you’ll remember:

  • Which Liat is more likely to eat for a snack at the beach--an artik or an ofano-a?

  • Where Eran would wear his beged yam--la-ir ha-atika or le-chof ha-yam?

  • Which type of sports match Jonathan would more likely see at the izztadiyon--kaduregel or matkot?
    And . . .

  • Which is the best way to learn Hebrew on the ‘net--Learn Hebrew Pod or Learn Hebrew Pod?

:-) yom nifla!

Team Conversation from the Lesson:

Jonathan: Hello Liat - shalom Liat. Hello Eran - shalom EranHow are you? - ma shlomchem?

Liat: mezzu-yan!

Eran: ne-hedar!

Liat: tov me-od!

Eran: me-ule!

Liat: nifla!

Eran: magniv!

Liat: achla!

Eran: sababa!

Liat: chaval al ha-zman!

ערן, יונתן וליאת

המורים שלנו לעברית ב

Learn Hebrew Pod

Liat: And how are you, Jonathan? - ma shlomcha, Yonatan?

Eran: ma kore, Yonatan?

Liat: ma ha-mazzav, Yonatan?

Eran: ma ha-inyanim, Yonatan?

Liat: eych holech, Yonatan?

Eran: ha-kol tov?

Jonathan: shlomi mezzu-yanani margish ne-hedarsababaachlamagniv and all of the other Hebrew words you used for telling us all that you feel great.  achlaze tov me-od she-atem margishim mezzu-yan - it's very good that you feel greatthat's a very good start - zot hatchala mezzu-yenet, because we have quite a long journey today…

היה לי טיול די ארוך היום

Liat: Reviewing and studying more than mata-im milim beIvrit two hundred Hebrew words

Eran: lekuchot mi-shi-urim echad esre ad esrim - taken from Hebrew Lessons eleven to twenty.

Jonathan: ve-kmo be-shi-ur esrim ve-achat - and the same as in Lesson twenty-one

Liat: we're going to read and review them in alphabetical order -

Eran: lefi seder ha-alef-bet.

Jonathan: Sounds great! - nishma mezzu-yan! We would like to mention that if you are a Learn Hebrew Pod member, we highly recommend that you expand your word bank and increase your Hebrew vocabulary by taking advantage of the special interactive vocabulary tools provided for you on the Learn Hebrew Pod website.

Liat: For every lesson there is a presentation. Learn more about sports, using the sports presentation.

Take Advantage of the Various Learn Hebrew Pod Learning Tools


Eran: Learn more about the time using the time presentation.

Liat: More about clothing, more about colors…

Eran: More about fruits, vegetables, computers, animals…

Liat: And transportation…

Jonathan: After studying, check your knowledge with our 'vocabulary matching game'.

Liat: It's there for you. Use it -

Eran: ze sham bishvilchem. tishtamshu baze:)

Jonathan: mezzu-yan. Okay, achshav, bo-u natchil - Now, let's start.

!בואו נתחיל

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