So, if I know that the root R-K-D in Hebrew means “danced,” and I know that it is in the pa-al building block, what else do I know?  I know how to say: I dance, you are dancing, she dances, he is dancing, we danced, they danced, and on and on and on . . .

Sitting In Front Of A Laptop Shouting Hooray!Wow!  All that from just 3 little letters and knowing what building block it’s in?  Yes, indeed . . . and with all our knowledge from Learn Hebrew Pod shiurim achat-esre ad esrim!

Finish this lesson, and you’ll also remember how to say, “My brother and I are going on Bus 37 to the Italian restaurant east of the sea.”  Yes, that’s possession, personal pronouns, the pa-al building block, the unspecified set of counting numbers, the prefix ha-, and directions all in one sentence.  Oh, and it also throws it a little “cheese cream rule” just for fun!

Boy, we sure have gotten smart!  anachnu chachamim!!