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Hebrew Lesson Number 23:

Let's Practice What We Know #3

After reviewing our vocabulary from Lessons achat- esre ad esrim, it's time to repeat and practice our Hebrew grammar rules taken from these lessons. We know a lot! anachnu yod-im hamon!

Introduction to Lesson 24: 

Let's Practice What We Know #4

So, if I know that the root R-K-D in Hebrew means “danced,” and I know that it is in the pa-al building block, what else do I know?  I know how to say: I dance, you are dancing, she dances, he is dancing, we danced, they danced, and on and on and on . . .

אני רוקד, אני רוקדת, אתה רוקד, את רוקדת, 

הוא רוקד, היא רוקדת, אנחנו רוקדים, אנחנו רוקדות, 

הם רוקדים, הן רוקדות

Wow!  All that from just 3 little letters and knowing what building block it’s in?  Yes, indeed . . . and with all our knowledge from Learn Hebrew Pod shiurim achat-esre ad esrim!

Finish this lesson, and you’ll also remember how to say, “My brother and I are going on Bus 37 to the Italian restaurant east of the sea.”  Yes, that’s possession, personal pronouns, the pa-al building block,

the unspecified set of counting numbers, the prefix ha-, and directions all in one sentence.  Oh, and it also throws it a little “cheese cream rule” just for fun!

Learn Hebrew Pod - Lesson No. 24

Boy, we sure have gotten smart!  anachnu chachamim!!



Team Conversation from the Lesson:

ערן, יונתן וליאת

המורים שלנו לעברית ב

Learn Hebrew Pod


Jonathan: shalom uvruchim ha-ba-im le Learn Hebrew Pod. ha-yom yom chamishiha-sha-a chamesh arba-im ve-sheva.  ve-achshav, anachnu margishim ne-hedar ki…

Liat: anachnu margishim ne-hedar, Yonatan, ki anachnu studentim charuzzim. anachnu lomdim Ivrit be-yachad kvar chazzi shana. 

Eran:  ve-yesh lanu kvar ozzar milim mezzu-yan. anachnu gam yod-im lomar harbe mishpatim be-Ivrit.

אוצר מילים

Jonathan: Wow, what a start we have today. Right away, a smooth Hebrew conversation… rolling along :))

Eran: aval kol ha-milim, Yonatan -But all the words, Jonathan,

kol ele hem milim she-anachnu makirim me-ha-shi-urim shelanu -

All of these are words that we know from our lessons.

kmo kol mila ba-mishpat haze! - Like every word in this sentence!

Liat: So why don't we repeat our introductory sentences in Hebrew and in English. Then we can see that we actually got everything right!

Jonathan: Yes. Let's do that and see that we know and understand hamon-a lot!

ברוכים הבאים

shalom uvruchim ha-ba-im le Learn Hebrew Pod - Hello and welcome to Learn Hebrew Pod.

ha-yom yom chamishi - Today is Thursday.                                                                                            

ha-sha-a chamesh arba-im ve-sheva – The time is five forty-seven.                            

ve-achshav - And now,

anachnu margishim ne-hedar ki… - we feel great because…

Liat: anachnu margishim ne-hedar, Yonatan, ki – We feel great, Jonathan, because  

אנחנו סטודנטים חרוצים

אנחנו לומדים עברית ביחד


anachnu studentim charuzzim - We are diligent students.

anachnu lomdim Ivrit be-yachad - We study Hebrew together 

kvar chazzi shana - For half a year already.

Eran: ve-yesh lanu kvar ozzar milim mezzu-yan - And we already have an excellent vocabulary.  

anachnu  gam yod-im lomar harbe mishpatim be-Ivrit – We also know how to say many sentences in Hebrew.

Jonathan: As we just saw… Yes, we do! In order to make our Hebrew vocabulary as fluent as can be, and our Hebrew grammar knowledge deep and strong, we have dedicated our last three Hebrew lessons for practicing and rehearsing our vocabulary and grammar rules.

Liat: Which is something we're going to continue and recap in this Hebrew audio/visual Lesson.


Eran: shi-ur mispar esrim ve-arba.  And you know Jonathan? hashiur haba - the next Lessonshi-ur mispar esrim ve-chamesh - Lesson number twenty-five… is the first Intermediate Level Lesson of the Learn Hebrew Pod Conversational Hebrew Program.

Jonathan: bediyuk! - Exactly! We can already tell our students, that in the Intermediate Level, we will continue to thoroughly explore and understand the Building block systems in Hebrew.

We will finish the Pa-al building block, by studying its future tense, as well as learning other Hebrew building blocks such as the Nif-al… and many, many other features… Hebrew vocabulary, Hebrew slang and all there is to know when coming to understand and converse in Hebrew. 

Let's start our Hebrew Grammar rehearsal for this lesson with our good friend, the Pa-al building block.

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