PomegranatesAs Liat and Eran were schmoozing about their plans for the upcoming Rosh Hashana holiday, Jonathan overheard them and decided that their conversation was even better than the lesson they had just recorded.  They are such good sports . . . they agreed to record the lesson again.

Rosh Hashana is actually the perfect time for starting over again.  It is a time of hatchalot chadashot--new beginnings.  As we hear Coral Reefabout Liat’s and Eran’s plans for the holiday, we have a really good opportunity to look to the future . . . the future tense, that is!

Rosh Hashana is also a great time to learn the names of the months on the Jewish calendar.  And since we'll need a way to describe how much we love holidays, we’ll learn a cool Hebrew slang expression for saying we’re crazy about something.

Speaking of being crazy about something (or someone) . . . it seems that Eran has a new girlfriend, Ronit, whom he is crazy about.  And they are headed to Eilat for the holiday, and then to spend the weekend diving and dancing in the clubs.  Sounds like a good start to a good year!  And we at Learn Hebrew Pod wish you the same--a shana tova u-metuka!  A good and sweet year!!