Mile 26, and Jonathan is still going strong . . .  Of course, in Israel, we don’t measure marathons in miles.  We measure them in kilometers, and the length of a full marathon is 42.195 kilometers.  Any way you measure it, it’s still a very long way to run.  But Jonathan seems to have it well under control.  He has run in both the New York Marathon and the Tel Aviv Marathon.  Impressive!!
Running Shoes
Since Jonathan lost track of time during his run today and will arrive just a few minutes late, Eran and Liat will begin shiur mispar esrim ve-tesha by teaching us all about the five different ways we produce sounds in Hebrew--with the tongue, with the teeth, with the throat, etc.  So now we’ll finally understand the broader context for a concept we have met several times already--the guttural letter.

Then, once Jonathan arrives, he will share with us his great passion for running and even wax a bit nostalgic about the day he found his first pair of running shoes.  Love at first sight! Smile
  His monologue will give us the opportunity to take a second look at our new building block--hitpa-el--and to see the many similarities between its past-tense conjugations and those of the now-familiar pa-al.

All in all, it’s the perfect lesson to listen to during your next workout.  And Jonathan, we’ll look for you in the next Tel Aviv Marathon!  Have a great run!  behazzlacha!