At WorkWow . . . Liat and Eran sure are busy these days!  Eran studies medicine by day and works in a coffee shop at night.  Liat studies acting and also works in a restaurant.   And even in the midst of all of that, they have somehow found time to help us learn Hebrew!

To Be Or Not To BeAnd Lesson 3 is certainly full of interesting things to learn.  Did you know, for example, that most Hebrew words are based on 3-letter roots?  And that these 3 letters are primarily responsible for the meaning of the word based on them?  In this lesson, we will begin to explore the beauty and flexibility of this system as we take our first look at the patterns used to mold these roots into their final forms and meanings. Finally, we’ll study a little bit of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare?  In a Hebrew course?  That’s right . . . Shakespeare:  “To be, or not to be, that is the question.”

Could it be that when he wrote these famous lines, William was actually a student of Hebrew?  Well . . . probably not.  But by the end of Learn Hebrew Pod Lesson Number 3, you’ll know the answer to Shakespeare’s timeless question--at least as far as Hebrew grammar goes!