There’s nothing quite like going to the movies.  Can’t you just smell the popcorn?  Feel the bottom of your shoes stick just a little to the floor of the theater?  The anticipation as the theater gets dark . . . and away we go!

We’ve arrived at Learn Hebrew Pod shiur mispar shloshim, and we’ve sure come a long way since the early shiurim!  As in shiur chamesh, in today’s lesson, Eran and Liat again make a plan to go to the movies together.This time, though, they’ll be accompanied by lots of their young family members--Liat’s nieces and Eran’s nephew and little sister.  It sounds like the new Walt Disney movie will be the perfect choice!Movie Reel

As Eran and Liat let us in on the importance of family in their lives and their love of the cinema, we’ll get to learn lots of new Hebrew vocabulary related to going to the movies. You’ll certainly be ready to visit the theater in Israel . . . you’ll know the words for everything from tickets to popcorn to subtitles.  We’ll also deepen our understanding of the unique Hebrew word “et” and learn one of the most popular slang expressions in modern Hebrew.

So join us for Lesson 30.  Then take a break, go see a great film, and identify everything you see around you in Hebrew!  See you at the movies . . . enjoy the show!!