One of the coolest things about Israel is its location right on the Mediterranean.  It’s close to so many other awesome places to visit--just a hop, skip, and a jump to Greece . . . or Italy . . . or France . . . Champs Elysees Sign

In fact, someone we know at Learn Hebrew Pod is enjoying a trip to Europe right now.  Do you remember Michal, who joined us for our visit to the beauty salon a few weeks ago?  She and Liat have become friends since meeting that day, and it seems that while Liat is here working so hard on her TV series, her many acting projects, and recording Learn Hebrew Pod, Michal is off vacationing in Paris.  We’ll try not to hold it too much against her since everyone deserves a little R&R . . . and since she offered to let Liat share with us her beautiful description of all her Parisian adventures.  The perfect topic for our lesson!

BaguettesIn addition to learning Hebrew words for the many wonderful things to see and do in Paris (and some related to traveling in general), our focus for this lesson will be a short review of basic sentence structure--concepts that apply to both English and Hebrew.

It may not be quite as good as actually eating a croissant in a café on a sidewalk along the Seine, but we can pretend . . . and learn some Hebrew too!

Bienvenue à shiur mispar shloshim ve-achat!  bruchim haba-im!!