ChupaIt’s a good thing Liat is so happy today.  Jonathan and Eran were concerned that today’s lesson was a bit on the gloomy side, but Liat’s good news brightened everything up.  It also turned out to be perfect topic for our lesson . . . an engagement story and an upcoming wedding!  But whose wedding is it?

KetubaWell, you’ll need to tune into Learn Hebrew Pod
shiur mispar shloshim ve-shesh to learn the answer to that question!  And as we meet the bride and groom, we’ll also meet our third Hebrew building block--binyan ni-fal.  We’ll learn some of the elements that make this building block unique, and we’ll make its conjugations easier by comparing them to our old friend, pa-al.

And what could be better than some good, old-fashioned romance?  A ring, a proposal on bended knee, and most important . . . a yes! Smile  Join us for Lesson 36 and share the good news . . . mazal tov!!

Don’t forget to check out the vocabulary presentations right here in this lesson's Multimedia Kit.  Learn more about weddings, Jewish traditions and celebrations, and making yourself look great for the big event!