Tel Aviv Apartment BuildingPack it all up and move it on out!  It’s time to live someplace new.  How will the furniture fit?  Will you need new curtains?  And everywhere you look . . . boxes, boxes, boxes!  The good news is that after all the decorating and unpacking is done, you’ll have a new place to call your own.

And it sounds like Eran really scored with his new place . . . small and cute, right near the market, and a balcony facing the sea.  An apartment like this is not easy to come by . . . in Israel or anywhere else!

Moving BoxesIn Learn Hebrew Pod shiur mispar shloshim ve-sheva, we’ll get the grand tour of Eran’s new place and learn how to talk in Hebrew about all its features . . . the rooms, the furniture, and even those little decorative touches that make a house a home.  We’ll also take a deeper look at the unique Hebrew system for using prepositions (you know . . . those little words between words . . . of, at, to, for, in, behind, etc., etc., etc.)  So, by the time we’re done, we’ll know how to say
in front of the door, next to the living room, and many other such phrases that help us build meaningful sentences.

Eran, we wish you many happy times in your charming new apartment--ba-dira ha-maksima shelcha!  We’ll be happy to visit anytime . . . especially if Jonathan brings the wine!  Smile