Jerusalem--Ha-shuk Ha-AraviWow!  Eran has certainly had some big time things going on lately. Just last week, he moved to a new apartment.  And tonight . . . a very important dinner.  An event like this one calls for the perfect outfit, so it’s time to go . . . shopping!!

Israel has an incredibly varied array of shopping possibilities.  Some prefer et ha-shuk ha-Aravi in Jerusalem’s Old City.  Some look for bargains at Yafo’s shuk ha-pishpeshim.  And some prefer big, modern shopping malls like Kanyon Ayalon in Ramat Gan.  (Check out the Hebrew word for mall--kanyon.  It’s actually a play on Yafo--Shuk Ha-pishpeshimthe Hebrew word kana--to buy--and the English word canyon.  Clever!)  But for a momentous occasion like Eran has tonight, he needs something truly special.  So maybe he should consider one of the exclusive boutiques on Kikar Ha-medina.

As we join Eran on his shopping excursion, we’ll get to learn some shopping- and clothing-related words.  We’ll also take the next step on our preposition expedition.  And, of course, we’ll learn the reason why Eran must look yafe kmo nasich--as handsome as a prince--this evening.Mall In Israel

Don’t worry, Eran . . . we know you’ll make a great impression!

Make sure you’re prepared for all your shopping excursions in Israel by using the interactive tools right here in Lesson 38’s Multimedia Kit.  Learn the verb you’ll need to talk about what you’re wearing . . . and learn the words for all the clothes there are to wear!