Israel Museum

Spend a few days visiting Yerushalayim--Jerusalem.  You’ll be amazed at how many languages you hear:  English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Arabic . . . the list goes on and on.  Oh, and Hebrew, of course!  Israel is truly an international destination.  Thousands of people come to visit each year.  Some even come to stay!

In Lesson 4, we’ll develop a rich vocabulary for talking about nationality and language.  Then you can use the special
Around the Globe game on this website to learn even more.

Flags Of Many NationsSo here’s a question . . . How do you ask a question?  By the end of this lesson, you’ll know how.  You’ll also know more about helping verbs in Hebrew--or rather that they seem to be “missing in action.”  Finally, you’ll develop a strong understanding of all the subjective singular pronouns.  (Ah . . . so that’s why the kids come home from Hebrew school saying hu is he and hi is she!)

So stick with us at Learn Hebrew Pod and come to visit us soon in Israel.  Tell us where you’re from and what languages you speak.  When we ask you, “ata medaber ivrit?” the answer is sure to be