Dancing Light BulbsSo, you just spent the afternoon on a do-it-yourself project.  You replaced the light switch in the bedroom, and indeed, you did it all by yourself!  The moment of truth has arrived . . . you flip the switch . . . and . . .

Did the light in the bedroom begin to shine?  Or did the TV in the living room turn on instead?  Oh no . . . that couldn’t possibly have been the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink!

Cartwheeling Light BulbOf course, after listening to Learn Hebrew Pod shiur mispar arba-im ve-shtayim, you won’t have to worry about such disasters (even if the directions for your project are in Hebrew!)  As Eran gets some training to become a handyman, we will get some training to become a little handier ourselves.  We will learn words related to tools, electricity, and home improvements.  And we’ll add another new tool to our toolbox--our sixth Hebrew building block, binyan hif-il.

But wait . . . what’s that light bulb that just popped on??  (I thought we hadn’t gotten that switch working quite right yet.)  Oh, of course . . . that’s the light bulb of a ra-ayon mezzu-yan.  Join us for Learn Hebrew Pod . . . the best idea of all!!