Wine & PastaLife has been good for Liat the past few weeks while she was in Italy with her dance company.  Every day was full of tough decisions:  Hmmm . . . which would be best . . . linguini or capellini?  Or maybe something altogether different . . . penne!  Then, of course, there was the whole “Chianti or Barolo?” issue to consider.  It’s lucky for us that Liat decided to come back at all . . .

Long Day of Running ErrandsBut we are very happy that she did.  And maybe she is too . . . even though “real life” quickly rushed back in.  So much to do, it’s hard to know where to begin . . . the bank, the supermarket, the post office . . . and, of course, preparing to record the conversation and all the prepositions in Learn Hebrew Pod shiur mispar arba-im ve-shalosh!

For Liat, though, Hebrew prepositions come naturally.  And with her help (and Eran’s and Jonathan’s), soon they will for us too.  By the time we’re done with Lesson 43--combined with all we learned in Lessons 33, 37, and 38--we will know almost all the prepositions used in Hebrew.  Wow!  We will be preposition ge-onim.  (Ge-onim, ge-onim . . . do we know what that means??  Join us for Learn Hebrew Pod Lesson 43, and you certainly will!)

And Liat . . . perhaps the linguini tonight . . . with a lovely Barolo.  A little bit of Italy right here in Israel!