Inside a ComputerHave you ever opened up the case of your computer . . . looked at the hard drive? the processor? the motherboard?  For the geeks among us, it is a thing of beauty.  So exciting!  me-od meragesh!  For the rest of us . . . well . . . we say, “I know how to drive a car, but I don’t care to know how the engine works!!”

And even for the geeks, there are moments when computers are not so beautiful.  Every now and then . . . you boot it up and there's a clunk instead of a whir . . .  Or even worse . . . a dreaded message like: Please insert bootable media in drive?  When was the last time you backed up??  Oy vey!!Memory Upgrade

In Learn Hebrew Pod
shiur mispar arba-im ve-arba, we’ll take a trip to the computer repair shop with Jonathan.  We’ll learn lots of Hebrew vocabulary related to those crazy machines that can make us so happy . . . or make us want to throw them out the window!  We’ll meet our last-but-not-least Hebrew building block--binyan Hufal.  And, of course, we’ll see how Jonathan’s computer adventure turns out.

So join us for
shiur mispar arba-im ve-arba . . . our last lesson of the intermediate level!  Next up the review lessons . . . where we’ll practice all we’ve learned and we’ll see just how far we’ve come!