Notre DameHave you ever gotten a shave and a haircut to go out for a run?  Or gone to the movies to eat cheeses and drink fine wine?  Or maybe you’ve bought some decorations to hang up in the Notre Dame Cathedral?

Well, even if these situations are pretty silly (and one of them might even get you arrested!), we have the vocabulary--ozzar ha-milim--to talk about them all in Hebrew!  In fact, we could discuss any of these situations using the vocabulary we learned just in the first seven of our Intermediate Level lessons!  (Can you believe we learned over 800 words in the Intermediate Level?  And even though we are all ge-onim, that’s a lot to remember!)

Popcorn at the MoviesIn our next six Learn Hebrew Pod shiurim, we will take a breath to review and practice.  We’ll start in this lesson, shiur mispar arba-im ve-chamesh, by reviewing the vocabulary we learned in the first third of our Intermediate Level lessons--shiurim esrim ve-chamesh ad shloshim ve-achat (lessons twenty-five to thirty-one).  And when we’re done, we will certainly remember how to talk in Hebrew about getting a shave and a haircut to prepare for a wedding . . . or enjoying popcorn with butter at the movies . . . or even buying decorations to hang in our sukah (though it might be more interesting to see what would happen if we hang them at Notre Dame!)

Bo-u natchil!