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Hebrew Lesson Number 47:

Let's Practice What We Know #7

To review 800 Hebrew words, this is our quest.  With practice, practice, practice, we’re sure to have success!

Introduction to Lesson 47: 

Let's Practice What We Know #7

גורה מתוקה

What on earth is going on? It’s only 6 a.m.! You roll over and half open one eye. Ohhhh . . . it’s the new puppy you adopted just yesterday, starting your day early with puppy kisses on your face! (It’s a good thing he was housebroken since you just moved to a new apartment last week . . . it’s also a good thing he was your alarm clock this morning since today is no ordinary day!!)

הדירה החדשה של ערן

So much to do . . . so little time! First stop is the doctor for a check-up, then it’s on to the bank to withdraw some cash.  After buying a smashing new outfit at the clothing store, you’ll need to make it home in time to fry up some latkes for tonight’s Hanukkah party . . .


Deep breath . . .

Dress for the party (in your smashing new outfit, of course), and don’t forget to grab the ring on your way out the door.  What ring?  THE ring . . . tonight is the night you are proposing to your girlfriend, on one knee, in front of everyone at the party!

הצעת נישואין

While a day like this might be imaginary, all the new vocabulary in Learn Hebrew Pod’s Intermediate Level sure isn’t . . .  We learned all the Hebrew words we need to talk about this action-packed day in just seven lessons: shiurim shloshim ve-shta-im ad shloshim ve-shmone.  So, join us for Lesson 47 as we review and practice them all.  Because as we know . . .

Practice makes perfect!  Yalla!

Learn Hebrew Pod - Lesson No. 47


Team Conversation from The Lesson

ליאת, יונתן וערן

Our Intermediate Level Hebrew Teachers

Liat: And I recognize words from the ‘Eran's New Apartment’ lesson and ahh… my favorite Hebrew lesson -  ‘The Wedding’, so…

Jonathan: So you were actually…

בית חדש

Eran: Exactly! – bedi-yuk! I was only using the Hebrew vocabulary we learned in the second third of our Intermediate Level lessons, meaning lessons 32 to 38.  We did decide that this was going to be my job for today, nachon?

כלה וחתן

Jonathan: nachon! That is exactly what we had agreed on for today, since we’ll be continuing our plan for reviewing all of the vocabulary we learned in the Learn Hebrew Pod Intermediate Level lessons.

Eran: And lucky for me, le-mazali, Marko came into my life at just the right time to give me such a wonderful idea for my Hebrew monologue!

Liat: It sounds like it was lucky for Marko too!

מרקו החתול

Jonathan: And for all of us . . .  since it was the perfect start to today’s lesson, lesson number forty seven, which in all its parts (meaning the A, the B and the C Lessons) will be dedicated to reviewing just the Hebrew vocabulary we learned in Lessons 32 to 38.

Eran: We will give you most of the words we studied, arranging them not in the order of the lessons, but in their Hebrew alphabetical order, meaning we will start with the words which begin with the letter alef,

Liat: Move to the words which begin with the letter bet

Eran: Then gimel, then daled

Liat: And so on, up to the words which begin with the letter taf.

The Hebrew Alphabet - The Alef Bet


Jonathan: This is the time to review, catch up and practice again… and again, and again because…

Eran and Liat: Practice makes perfect! 

Jonathan: It's a long road! Let's start! - bo-u natchil! 

As in our usual routine, we will read the words in Hebrew, hear the English translation, and then hear the Hebrew word again. 

shi-urim shloshim ve-shta-im ad shloshim ve-shmone, words beginning with the letter 'alef':

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