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Hebrew Lesson Number 49:

Let's Practice What We Know #9

How well do Liat and Eran know Jonathan? Can they guess his topic for reviewing the Hebrew words from Lessons 39 to 44? More important…how well do you know the words???

Introduction to Lesson 49: 

Let's Practice What We Know #9

Learn Hebrew Pod - Lesson No. 49

Do you remember life before the Internet?  Isn’t it hard to believe that something that has been around for such a short time is such a big part of our everyday life?  (In some form or another, the technology underlying the ‘Net has been around since the 1970’s, but it was only in the early 1990’s, with the launch of the World Wide Web, that the Internet began to become part of public consciousness.  And it wasn’t until the mid-1990’s that the word “Internet” actually became a part of our daily language.  But as of June 30, 2009, the estimated population of Internet users worldwide was approximately 1.67 billion!)

רשת האינטרנט

So how did you use the Internet today?  The possibilities are almost infinite . . .

Perhaps you downloaded some music from iTunes or Spotify. . . the Black Eyed Peas? Or did you go online to buy tickets for your favorite orchestra’s next performance of Mozart or Beethoven?

וולפגנג אמדיאוס מוצרט

Or maybe you used the ‘Net to run some errands . . . online banking . . . shopping for books or clothes or electronics?  Or did you save yourself a trip to the post office by sending a friend's birthday greetings with an e-card?

תיבת דואר

Did you have some projects to finish around the house? On the 'Net you can find instructions for almost anything . . . from how to cook chicken soup to how to change an electrical socket?

שקע חשמל

Or perhaps you’ve become one of the millions who read eBooks online?  Or maybe you use an eBook reader to take them along with you?  (Did you know you can download over 30,000 eBooks completely free at the website of Project Gutenberg?  Charles Dickens . . . Franz Kafka . . . or even the Brothers Grimm!)

האחים גרים

And among the seemingly endless array of things you can do online, you can even use your computer to repair your computer.  Download the latest driver from an online support site . . .

תיקון מחשב

search hundreds of forums and databases for solutions to an error message . . . or perhaps order parts or upgrades . . .

Team Conversation from The Lesson

ליאת, יונתן וערן

Our Intermediate Level Hebrew Teachers

Jonathan: chevre, toda lachem al ha-tirgum - guys, thank you for the translation.

Eran: be-simcha, Yonatan.

Liat: With pleasure Jonathan. So as you mentioned, I can see that you were using some Hebrew words from the ‘The Concert’ lesson, the ‘Once Upon a Time’ lesson…

הָיֹה הָיָה

Eran: The ‘Becoming a Handyman’ lesson as well as the ‘Running Errands’ Hebrew lessons…

Liat: And, of course, ‘The Computer Repair Shop’ Hebrew lesson… mezzu-yan!

Eran: me-ule!

Liat: achla! And that’s all brings us back to our goal for today’s Hebrew lesson which is…

Eran: To finish practicing and reviewing all of the Hebrew vocabulary we learned in the Learn Hebrew Pod Intermediate Level program.

Jonathan: nachon! Lesson number forty nine, in all its parts (meaning the A, the B and the C Lessons) will be dedicated to reviewing just the Hebrew vocabulary we learned in Lessons 39 to 44.

אוצר מילים

Liat: We will give you most of the words we studied, arranging them not in the order of the lessons, but in their Hebrew alphabetical order, meaning we will start with the words which begin with the letter alef,

Eran: Move to the words which begin with the letter bet

Liat: Then gimel, then daled

Eran: And so on, up to the Hebrew words which begin with the letter taf.

The Hebrew Alphabet - The Alef Bet

Jonathan: This is the time to review, catch up and practice again… and again, and again because…

Eran and Liat: Practice makes perfect! 

Jonathan: It's a long road! Let's start! - bo-u natchil! 

As is our usual routine, we will read the words in Hebrew, hear the English translation, and then hear the Hebrew word again. shi-urim shloshim ve-tesha ad arba-im ve-arba, words beginning with the letter 'alef':

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