Building BlocksWe met 150 audio lessons ago with shalom and yom nifla! We learned to interact with friends, do a little social networking, and chat on the phone . . . We learned about the calendar and telling time, counted to two thousand, and celebrated some holidays together . . . We even prepared a bit for a trip to Israel: learning to ask directions, reserve a hotel room, hang out at the beach or a soccer game, and (most important!) order jachnun and malawach at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant.


And all of this while learning the essentials of Hebrew grammar: We learned the cheese cream rule, all about the Hebrew word et, and the relevance of number and gender. We explored prepositions and possessives, learned some slang, and discovered the system of Hebrew roots. And who could possibly forget meeting our seven new best friends?  The seven Hebrew building blocks . . . now we know them well!!  Pa-al was the one who introduced himself first, so we began to get acquainted in the present, then we learned all about his past!


Zman over maher kshenehenim!  Time passes quickly when having fun! And before we knew it, we could no longer call ourselves Beginners!  It was time to kick it up a notch: Intermediate, here we come!


Pa-al hung out awhile longer and told us all about his dreams for the future. Then one-by-one, we met his six brothers and sisters (big family!) We took some time out to get reacquainted with our old friend et, and he introduced us to his many cousins: the prepositions. With them, we had some fascinating conversations about how they appear when combined with different personal pronouns (otherwise known as “declensions”), and we also learned a little bit about basic sentence structure and the different parts of speech.


We learned so many new words in the Intermediate Level that we had to make sure we could count them all . . . so we learned to count to a million and beyond. (Okay, so we probably don’t need such high numbers just for counting Hebrew words . . . but maybe someday for depositing money in the bank!!