Could you think of a more exciting way than to bump into love totally by chance? Maybe in a crowded bar, at work, at a party.... We have even heard of married couples who met at the supermarket or on a flight. How romantic blooming tree 

In the eyes of the Jewish Orthodox tradition, finding the love of your love is an act of divinity and fate. According to the Talmud, a collection of ancient sacred rabbinical writings consisting of the Mishna and the Gemara, each one of us has a destined soul-mate, chosen for him or her personally by God. One's destined mate is called a besheret - soulmate.

Finding your besheret is not an easy task. The Jewish world has created a special system of matchmaking wherein Jewish singles are introduced to each other. In addition, a special profession was established: ha-shadchan - the matchmaker. Finding the right match, as well as taking a major part in actually approving it for the congregation, was considered a blessed and honored occupation. It was a requirement to pay for the shadcahn services, otherwise the marriage wouldn't be blessed.

Modernity has caused traditional matchmaking to lose its prestige and to almost vanish, however matchmaking itself is far from having made its curtain call. A modern matchmaker has emerged: The Internet and especially an abundance of dating websites' services.NetPeople
These are not ‘heavenly blessed' but the service does usually cost money and in exchange, one is given the option of getting in touch with people according to one's desires and dreams. On the Internet we can also find social media networks such as Facebook, Netlog and many more. These are not solely intended for romantic purposes, and are usually for free! Here you can make friends, develop business relationships or search people you have known from your high school days. Who knows...maybe your besheret is waiting for you to trace her/him back from the time when you were both students?

But...keep on going to the supermarket, or looking for the love of your life on your next flight to Israel. And if you already found her or her him ...just enjoy every moment of it (while studying Hebrew together?)

Speaking about Hebrew, talking about love.... Do you want to know how Dan found his love and who he met? Come and follow us in lesson chamishim ve-arba!